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Will I be accepted in the NSW POLICE FORCE (Australia), with a history of ANXIETY?


At the age of 14, i developed Anxiety after an allergic reaction, because i was worrying about the reaction. I had to take Zoloft for 12 months, and it cleared Anxiety.

I am now 21, and would like to join the NSW POLICE FORCE. I DO NOT have anxiety, nor take Zoloft anymore.

1. Will i be accepted in the POLICE FORCE?

2. Do you know anyone who HAS been accepted into a Police Force, with a history of Anxiety (similar to me)?


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  • rob y
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    You were 14 and had a problem and had it fixed and now it is gone. I would not see why they would reject you for that reason, especially something that has been treated.

    You may need to keep an eye on that past issue because you know it can happen.

    Why not contact the Police Force and ask them straight. Be sure to provide factual information and as an extra help, get a letter from your doctor saying you are fine with no recurring issues from the past.

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  • 4 years ago

    I am so happy, it was only a 35 minute drive ( 70 minutes total) but absolutely no sign of anxiety or panic i shopped till I dropped - brilliant! I will now go for the next stage DUAL CARRIAGE way, probably at the weekend, with my husband accompanying me first then the solo drive, if successful the final stage of driving on motorway

    Beat Anxiety And Panic Attacks Naturally?

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  • bogan
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    3 years ago

    i'm unmarried mum. I truly were suffering for panic attacks for some 15 years now, even though it replaced into not until eventually lately I understood what they were. They were gradually getting more suitable and extra everyday, preventing me from some days even leaving my abode. I study this e book and all of it made suitable experience. i'm not declaring i replaced into not petrified of putting theory to action, i replaced into extra fearful of that than the subsequent attack! yet i keen to view it as a recreation, one I had administration of and could consequently not lose!

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  • Bardy
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    1 decade ago

    Well you would have to undergo a psych test and if there is still an issue then you will be assessed on the results. A psych test is compulsory for all new recruits.

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