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Will I be accepted in the NSW POLICE FORCE (Australia), with a history of ANXIETY?


At the age of 14, i developed Anxiety after an allergic reaction, because i was worrying about the reaction. I had to take Zoloft for 12 months, and it cleared Anxiety.

I am now 21, and would like to join the NSW POLICE FORCE. I DO NOT have anxiety, nor take Zoloft anymore.

1. Will i be accepted in the POLICE FORCE?

2. Do you know anyone who HAS been accepted into a Police Force, with a history of Anxiety (similar to me)?


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    If you are worrying that much about these questions then your anxiety is not gone. Everyone has some anxiety. It just depends on how you deal with it. Some people are able to deal with it easily. Others have a chemical imbalance that helps it lead to depression. If you are able to deal with it in a positive way then good for you. I do not think they can restrict you from applying for a job due to a history of anxiety that required medication, that would be discriminatory. I say go for it. Anything in your records under the age of 18 is restricted for people to see. They do not even have to know about when you were 12.

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