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PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!! : Will I be accepted in the NSW POLICE FORCE (Australia), with a history of ANXIETY?


At the age of 14, i developed Anxiety after an allergic reaction, because i was worrying about the reaction. I had to take Zoloft for 12 months, and it cleared Anxiety.

I am now 21, and would like to join the NSW POLICE FORCE. I DO NOT have anxiety, nor take Zoloft anymore.

1. Will i be accepted in the POLICE FORCE?

2. Do you know anyone who HAS been accepted into a Police Force, with a history of Anxiety (similar to me)?


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    there is only one way to find the true answer, you can go by what people tell you on here, and I am sure there will be current and past L.E.O s telling you this and that, but bottom line is, they are only telling you what happened in their intake.

    My advise, to find out what your future chances are in the police is to contact them, explain your situation, and what medication you have been on, they are the only ones that can tell you straight out yes or no. You may not like the answer, but its better to know now then down the track when you could have been spending your time on more constructive things.

    Source(s): drop them a line, they will answer your questions for you
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    I am single mum. I have been suffering for panic attacks for some 15 years now, though it was not until recently I understood what they were. They were progressively getting stronger and more frequent, stopping me from some days even leaving my house. I read this book and it all made perfect sense.

    I am not saying I was not terrified of putting theory to action, I was more scared of that than the next attack! But I decided to view it as a game, one I had control of and could therefore not lose!

  • 1 - Caps Lock is never ok.

    2 - None of us hire people for the NSW Police we can't tell you whether or not you'll be hired, or for sure what they look for when hiring

    3 - Odds are, if that's the complete story, they won't even factor it in.

    But again....I don't do hiring for them, so you can't fully trust anything I say (aside from points 1&2)

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