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Is North Korea a big joke on the world stage?

"If the Security Council, they take any kind of steps whatever, we'll consider this is (an) encroachment on our sovereignty and the next option will be ours," Deputy Ambassador Pak Tok Hun told reporters. "Necessary and strong steps will ... follow that." - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

That sounds like something an angry three year old would say to his parents for sending him to bed too early. North Korea, what a JOKE.

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    Sad to say it is not a joking matter.They have 800,000 troops poised on the South Korean border, and would be unstoppable if they decided to invade.They would be able to take Seoul in a heart beat.That would be unacceptable to the U.S. We would have to respond. The battle would be too costly for the US and South Koreans to have with North Korea.Plus there is China.How would they react?They would have us in the position of The US having to fight in their back yard.While we have the most high tech weapons, but very little man power. It would not be a good thing to have going on.

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    They're a joke.. the government will implode as soon as 'IL KIM' kicks the bucket. We just have to treat them as a dangerous toy in the meantime. No worries of an invasion into S. Korea.. they have no food for their troops, antique vehicles & weapons, and a beaten & starved populace. If they crossed the border, they'd all just run for the nearest noodle house for a hot meal for a change.

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    Thanks for the link. I love this part:

    "It's not fair. It's not fair," he said. "While they themselves launch more than a hundred times the satellites ... we are not allowed to do that. That is not democratic.

    These people are complete morons. 3 year old angry kids have more sense. They can't afford to feed their people yet want to fire rockets into space? Why do they even need a satellite in space? I am sure the satellite is not for TV programs for their citizens. North Korea is a wicked place. Hope the UN pulls the plug on this nonsense.

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    To many Americans have died at the hands of North Koreans to think of them as a joke.

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    North Korea is the little kid who stands at the kitchen counter saying mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, over and over again until she's so fed up hearing it she finally pays attention. She has to decide whether to let him have a cookie or slap him silly. It's past time to slap the crap out of the kid.

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    I'd say they lil Kim has them convinced they are a World Power, seriously

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    Well, Who is going to stop them from doing whatever they want, certainly not Ob(s)ama, he is too busy criticizing the United States to the world. I'm surprised that the dixie chicks haven't been nominated for his cabinet......I guess they paid their taxes.

    O - One

    B - Bad

    A - A$$

    M - Mistake

    A - America

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