has Poland changed thur the years ??are people there more accepting now ??? ( more details inside)?

ok so i am Polish born and bred in a small town near Bialystok

i live in Poland for 13-14 years before moving out to USA now i know that before i left it people there were really full of hate and prejudice and disrespect for others like other races religions, gays lesbians etc... did something changed there last time i was there was summer of 2004 i think

im bisexual and im dealing with hate and disrespect on daily basis in school but now i just dont care anymore

people say stick and stones almost everyday and there is nothing you can do about it

but i know that gays and lesbians do struggle a lot i mean i have gay friends back there that their family disowned them just cause they were gay i mean what kind of example are you setting for other what you wanna prove by thAT

i mean we live in 21 century and i still cannot believe ,well actually i can believe how many of pseudo-Christians( here in USA ) are still so close minded and filled with hate and prejudice its just insane

not everyone is living their live as it was written in the bible everyone has his or hers own path that they wanna fallow and to think that preacher and priests conspire against those people its just ridiculous

i am pro gay marriage and adoption and i know that in Poland this will never happen gay marriage will never be legalized

in Poland most people are Catholic right ??? i gotta tell you honestly that i was homophobic but i did had a change of heart when i started attending HS here in NYC i always felt welcomed by all the gays/lesbians.bi sexual and trans gender/sexual people the LBGT people that i met are the most caring and polite and nice people that i ever met

so did anything changed there ??? i have to admit that sometimes i am ashamed of my heritage just cause of the reason that people are so close minded

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    Hah, I can tell why you feel like that about Poland - it is unfortunate, but what you said about my country is true. Now I don't mean to genaralise here in what I say, and I dont mean to put all people in the same basket, but after living there for 24 years (I'm living in the UK for the last 4), I find Poland to be a country full of racism, intolerance, hipocrysy and religious bigotry. As somebody wrote in some article I read , an average catholic Pole is a guy who beats his chest on Sunday calling the name of God, and then comes back home and beats his wife.

    Or, perhaps, that is what it used to be. We have the new generation on the rise, I believe that people were born around 1989, are far more open-minded, more tolerant to others - and hopefully, it will only get better.

    I think the majority of society is still homophobic, but I beleive this will change over time - and i can tell by observing how much more liberal the society got over the last 10 years. Sure there are still a lot of di*kheads, but hey, they will eventually die off, and the mentality will change :]

    Peace bro :]

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    Poland is a little more open-minded, but in general they have something called family values, which makes it a great place to visit, as not so many sick pervs around.

    If you're sitting on the sexual fence, rather don't visit, unless you stick to the big cities.

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    Given your description of self, I would assert that you have no business on Polish or any Slavic soil. Just remain in USA cesspool and enjoy life in "21 Century". Poland - it is for Poles not proponents of cosmopolitan, culturally destructive degeneracy and alien influence.

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    Everything has changed damian. I am from Krakow area. Unfortunately we don't like gay marriage.

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