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I need advice ill give 10 pts here?

I used to love Her wen i was a kid. She had an abusive bf who will hit her, treat her bad and a Drugi and she has used them as well. She will treat me bad making me sad. I had not seen her in years till last night.

I said hi to all of her friends at the party, and introduced my gf to them but she just walked away. She could not stop looking at me the whole time.

I em now 23. I have my own Business, have a Lamborghini, own my own House. Shes a single of mother of a 2 year old i feel bad for her.

Her older sis invited me to her baby b-day should i go to it?

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    If you have a chance you should talk to her first. Ask how she feels about you coming. If she's okay with it then go. If she is not okay (or only pretends to be okay) you may want to reconsider.

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    It sounds like she still has feelings for you from when you were kids but is not too sure as she hadn't seen you for a while. It must be hard for her to get over her abusive ex, so it'd be nice for you to go to this party even just to show your face and let her know you still care about her even if it doesn't mean anything more than that. None of this stops the two of you from being friends. Hope this helped. x

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    The girl has real problems. Just stay away from her. If she calls, tell her you don't want to talk. Let her talk about you; she's the one with the problem. She's trying to make herself look better. Everyone probably knows what she is and don't believe her anyway. Go for the decent girl. She sounds more your type. Treat her well and hopefully you'll be treated well in return. Just ignore the problem girl and eventually she'll find someone else "pick on".

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    No. You should leave the past where it belongs. your gf probably wouldn't like that anyway. You're doing good for yourself. Why would you want to bring extra drama into your life??

    Unless you have strong feelings for her and you think about her all the time. Then your happiness is at stake, and maybe you should try to spend some time. But otherwise, you should probably just be polite when you see her and that's it.

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    She sounds like she has had a terrible time. If you don't think it will upset her then you should go because she sounds like she needs good people in her life., HOWEVER, as long as it won't cause problems and is okay with your girlfriend. she is your top priority. Talk to her about it or even take her.

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    No, cause she sees how good your doing and if you go its only going to make her feel even worse about what COULD have been.

    Dont feel bad.

    Its not YOUR fault SHE chose the wrong path.

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    No. If you have a girlfriend already that wouldn't be right. I say move on with your life and don't look back.

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    Didn't you listen to me when I answered you earlier? Why are u posting this question again? You know what, I changed my mind. I think you deserve this loser.

  • Yes, go see her, but i wouldn't ask her out or anything.;_ylt=Al.Wz...

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    yes and tell me how u run ur business

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