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How would you feel if (details inside)?

This happened to me:

I applied for the Police Dept. they had 6 spots opened and 300 people who tried out. I beat everyone one the 1.5 mile running 9:45, I did over 100 push-ups, I did over 100 sit ups in a minute, I ran the 300 meters in 37 seconds. OVERALL I smoked everyone.

I have an extensive military background and specialized in teaching Marines how to shoot the m16 and 9mm. I have combat experience as well.

Not only that I also have a degree from a 4 year college.

The only thing that stopped me from being on the Police Dept was that I scored an 88.5 on the written exam the cut off was 90 due to the # of people who applied. I missed it by 1.5 points.

This is were I'm frustrated, they are willing to hire someone who is overweight and barely met the physical standards than someone who is in TOP PHYSICAL shape but missed the cut off due to the # of people who applied by 1.5 points.

Basically, I'm down and out do you think their judging system is fair?

All I want to do is be a Police Officer and provide security for people, I know it's the job for me, hands down.

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    Sounds fair to me. Consider this -- provided that the applicant doesn't have any health "problems" (anything from poor eyesight to a bad heart), they can always train the person up into shape.

    And the written exam *is* important. Frankly, if police officers could only have either brains or muscles, I'd rather they had brains -- it would be a lot safer for everyone that way. The average cop on the beat has to be part soldier, part judge, part legal expert, part hostage negotiator, part marriage counselor, etc. -- all at once.

    88.5 isn't horrible, or anything close to it. Get a couple of textbooks on criminology, criminal procedure, etc., study, and pass it next time -- pure and simple. Hey, if you're a Marine, stands to reason you ain't afraid of a little hard work. ;)

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    Considering the need for top notch police officers, I think you should have gotten the job. What good does it do anyone to have a cop who passed a written exam but is so out of shape physically that he or she would probably pass out chasing a criminal? I hope maybe you can take the exam again and realize your goal of protecting and serving.

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    If everyone was judged by the same system, it was fair.

    A system that would have worked out better for you (and could have been fair, had it been applied to everyone) would have been to take all of the test results into consideration.

    It would have been unfair to overlook one applicant's failure to meet a requirement, no matter how exceptional they were in other areas.

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    they have their standards. you can be the biggest PT stud all day long but you are still required to pass all their requirements. keep trying you will get it eventually.

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