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Should people involved in putting Jews into concentration camps be prosecuted today?

Recently I heard on the news that a man was put in jail because he was involved in putting Jews into concentration camps during World War II. Do you think this is right or wrong?

personally I think its wrong. It was during very different times, and underneath a very different leader. Also the person might not feel the same way about Jews today, and may live in regret. You don't have to agree with me though, in fact its better if you didn't. Anyways what do you think??


Ok people I also agree with you. I can see both sides. A crime committed should should not go unnoticed. So don't get mad at me ok?

Update 2:

I see this as a yes / no answer. Many people were simply obeying orders, and therefor didn't have a choice. That does not mean they actually agreed with what they were doing.

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  • Mike S
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    So in other words you don't think these people should be held accountable for their inhuman actions. Nah pardner, I fear I'm on the other side of the coin here. They should pay for their crimes, the most horrific in recorded history. It matters not that the times were different or they had a bad leader. Their own actions were criminal. Well that's my take on it. Good luck to you.

  • Anonymous
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    It should happen.

    Sadly, there are two reasons I can think if that it won't happen.

    First, you have the Christian belief in forgiving every sinner, no matter the sin or the damage that the sinner or sinners have done. The reason Hitler rose to power was because of do gooders like Woodrow Wilson. Wilson and his band of pansies helped to rebuild Germany and we got Hitler and six million Jews dead and sixty million people dead.

    Now we are making the same mistake in Iraq. Rebuilding a nation of questionable peoples so that big carpet bagger corporations like Bechtel can get even richer at the expense of national security.

    Second, many of the people related to, or associated with Hitler's Nazi Germany comprise some of the wealthiest and most politically connected people in the world. These are the people that the organized crime bosses work for.

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    It doesn't matter how long ago it was, how he feels now, he still committed a crime and still should be punished for it.

    That's like saying, should a serial killer who killed 10 women, but managed to hide from the police for 20 years but was then caught be prosecuted? He might have decided he regretted murdering those women. Of course he should, he still killed 10 innocent women, who possibly had children and probably had families, whether he regrets what he did or not, he still took lives and justice should be served.

    Whether they regret it or not the fact is the committed genocide, and millions of innocent men women and children died just for their religion, or because they were disabled, or because they were artists or because, heaven forbid, they spoke out against the dictatorial regime and dared to have their own opinion.

    Time doesn't change a crime, nor does it change the fact that the crime happened.

    Everyone who was involved with the Nazi party and the genocide that was committed, committed a crime and should be prosecuted accordingly.

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    Any one who had part in the brutal mass murders of Innocent Jewish Men, Women and Innocent Children should be held accountable for their terrible war crimes. Men/Women like Hitler and his top goons. I firmly believe many of the Germans who were guilty are gone. The legacy will live on throughout eternity. The German People did not know which way to turn and unfortunately some agreed with Hitler. Some did not and hang their head in Shame. The People of Germany should have known this was wrong. To try to eliminate the Jewish People. But yet Hitler killed throughout Germany, Norway , Poland , Russia,Austria and all over. The German People should have took Hitler down. They let him become to powerful. Now the af ter math shows shame and regret for what Hitler did. Many live in regret for the rest of their lives. Some in secret. But the big , nasty guilty ones, should be hung.

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    It is not a yes or no answer. If you robbed a Jew in 1938, and just got caught, you should not be prosecuted. However, if you killed the Jew as you robbed his house, you should be because there is no statute of limitations on Murder. If they can prove that the guy putting the Jewish people in death camps and knew them to be death camps, knowing that they were death camps, then yes, you should be prosecuted for murder. It is under an aiding and abetting theory, which is accepted under the law.

    Source(s): s--Jewish Lawyer in criminal law 24 years
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Oh, so like that guy I murdered in 1990 should just be forgotten, right? I've never heard of a statute of limitations on genocide.

    That whole obeying orders thing makes me sick. Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, the elderly, the disabled didn't obey orders and they at least died w/ a soul intact.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Absolutely they should.

    Are the victims of the Holocaust still dead?

    "Obeying orders, and therefor didn't have a choice" was the big excuse at the Nuremberg Trials

    ...(Obeying orders with glee was the normal response)

    That lie didn't fly then, wont fly now!

    However: People are still trying to "prosecute and convict" the people involved in slavery in America.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say yes/no.

    I say yes because it's a crime and they treated the Jewish people terribly and someone should be punished for that.

    I say no because back then there was no law and it was popular custom in Germany like you said: "It was during very different times, and underneath a very different leader. Also the person might not feel the same way about Jews today, and may live in regret."

    It's all about the way you look at it.

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    Excuse me, NO ONE should be allowed to get away with their crimes no matter how old they are or even how long ago it was, Justice must be served, just ashamed more people didn't shop these evil people earlier so they could at least served some repent for their evil sins on humanity

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I agree there should be no time limit to these people being charged and this should also include those Zionists who betrayed their own fellow Jews. These traitors are the worst of them all and should be tried by Israel itself and if guilty hanged.

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