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What things do Australians wish Americans knew about them and their country?


i'm interested ^^

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    I see ALL the time on here, Americans think we are a country full of racists. We are not. Of course there are some people that are exceptions to this, but I think in general we have acceptance and tolerance for all people.

    Any doubts go to the Cultures and Groups section of yahoo, and see some good old American racism in action.

    Just to be clear, I am not saying that all Americans are racist either. I am just saying that knowing what sort of country I was born and raised in, I was shocked at the blatent racism that is thrown around by the same people that say Aussies are racists.

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    Thanks for asking.

    I'll give you some of my observations, just from the questions I see here.

    That Australia is an island, a continent and a country.

    That the continent is not called Oceania. Oceania is a region.

    That our weather is not the same all over the country.

    That our seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.

    That like the USA we have more than one time zone.

    Also that Sydney, even though it's our largest city, is not the capital city of Australia. Our capital city is Canberra.

    That Australia and New Zealand are two different and separate countries.

    Really it's basic information.

    Foreigners can't be expected to know too much about our way of life unless they've been here or ask questions about it but basic world geography should be taught in the schools.


    Yes, I also agree with what Ozmaniac has said.

    Add on - that it's rare for any ordinary Aussie to own a gun or to have even handled a firearm of any kind.

    Also, we don't tip everyone for everything.

    Tipping is not a common practice.

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    We're awesome.

    We dont have kangaroos hopping down our street 24/7.

    We dont ride kangaroos.

    kangaroos arent cuddly.

    nethier are koalas for that matter.

    We dont all speak with the enthusiasm and long strings of Aussie slang just like Steve Irwin.

    edit- why is it that everything i write seems to be written already!? I really should start reading the other answers first, please to anyone above me im not stealing your answers lol sorry =] rant over.

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    I agree with Elizabeth's answer and in addition to her excellent observations:

    That kangaroos are not hopping around all over the place and that millions of Aussies have never seen one in the wild.

    That very, very few of us sound anything like Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee.

    That Australia is a very safe country.

    That we don't all live in daily danger from deadly spiders, snakes and other nasties.

    That we don't ask or care about your race or the colour of your skin.

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    Are americans interested?

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    I want to know, I am going to Perth, West Australia next November, I'm from the U.S.

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    the thing that annoys me most is that everytime we are poytrayed on U.S t.v its in the middle of the desert were people are fighting crocs, kangaroos,emus,snakes and spiders.

    they never see the tropical islands/beaches, the amazing mountain ranges or the cities.

    thats my view anyway.

    AND..we dont talk like Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan =]

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    That we are really cool

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