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In your opinion & experience with philosophy what is the difference between happiness, bliss, & ecstasy?

Please give any personal examples or philosophical examples you may have.

Thanks for answering & Blessings!

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    I have a very shallow understanding of philosophy.

    I am a just a small student, traveling from class to class.

    All that can be offered is this meager opinion:

    Happiness, 'Bliss and Ecstasy' are said to be qualities.

    What little experience and observation that a fool such as I has been blessed with, reveals that one must attain inner peace before true happiness, true bliss and ecstasy, are experienced.

    It has been said that they are byproducts of contentment. One must become content within ones life before any of these said qualities are allowed to spring forth from within ones inner heart.

    True happiness is said to be a byproduct of inner peace.

    'Ecstasy and bliss' are said to be a byproduct (singular) of true happiness.

    True happiness and true peace are said to be only found 'within the Creator'.

    If one wishes to witness these qualities it has been said that one must understand what it means to be 'within the Creator'. It has been said that these qualities can be located. The Creator is said to be within man. One must go on an internal voyage within one-self to locate ones Creator. For most human beings, that could possibly be a very scary thought!

    One must be always awake, always aware, and constantly poised to spot both, false happiness, false bliss and ecstasy. These can be very deceiving to all humans beings, especially ones living on the periphery. It has been said that they are all part of the glitter, glitz and illusion that this tiny world is prepared to offer one.

    No doubt that these unique qualities are all within ones grasp but one must acquire the wisdom that will allow one to hold onto them. They are said to be very illusive!

    Perhaps I should study a little ancient philosophy. That might help a fool such as I develop a clearer understanding of the answer to a complex question, such as the one you have posed.

    That is this silly old fools opinion.

    May we all be granted "Inner Peace".

    Meechum Anbu (Much Love),

    Source(s): a small insignificant sufi student and companion....
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    Hello. I would say that happiness is defined by its feeling of contentedness. Happiness is usually achieved when certain conditions, that people traditionally find preferable or good, are met. Bliss is when a person has achieved a new level of happiness that perpetuates itself within that person. Happiness can be fleeting but bliss is meant to last awhile longer. So when people are "following their bliss", they are going in a sequence of preferable events, for them, until they achieve a more lasting content or happiness. Ecstasy is the "high" one can get from both happiness and bliss. The ecstasy is the factor that can block out negative thoughts and override certain logical processes while in the state of "happiness and bliss". I have no real personal examples other than observation and classification. But this is all just my opinion. Thank you and Good bye.

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  • Happiness - for me this is best said by the arabic word 'alhamdulillah' which means all praises to God for whatever is sent your way because whatever happens does happen for a reason and therefore carries some good and blessings [insha'Allah]. One has to learn to go with the flow and seek refuge in the Lord [Rabbil 'alamin] when times feel tough for help and clarity [grace] [2:286]].

    Bliss - that inner sense of calm, peace and stillness that one may sometimes feel [insha'Allah] with dhikr [remembrance], prayer or at some other blessed times. But this is bliss that is momentarily so as true bliss means to have reached the source [God, Being, Real, Great Spirit, Allah subhana wa ta'ala]

    Ecstasy - To have reached divine union would bring ecstasy :)

    ["...Everything shall perish except His face..." 28:88]

    Thanks for the inspiring question :)

    I have little experience with philosophy ;) ....alhamdulillah... :)

    Insha'Allah... may we all find peace.

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  • B0X
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    Experience is a key when it comes to emotional intelligence.

    In my opinion, Happiness is a feeling close to Knowledge; the certainty of my own ignorance that fills me. Some kind of philosophical faith!0!

    Bliss is different; because I don't have to worry about it anymore, it's a feeling of emptiness, it feels natural though. In my opinion, this feeling is close to Self(at its best). Bliss is the Self looking at itself in a mirror!0!

    Ecstasy is condensed; extremely intense. I think it's somehow linked to Memory. It plays a very important role in the whole experience. This is also the key that opens up for the other two.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They could be three degrees of joy, ranging from relative contentment in happiness through divine bliss to cosmic ecstasy, or something like that. Definitions tend to be matters of semantics, and conventional use of terms changes through time, largely depending upon context, among other things.

    Source(s): history
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  • SteveT
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    1 decade ago

    LOve ,,,, there are 5 million different types of love and we must experience them all ,, even pain to truly feel and understand stand Happiness, bliss & ecstasy = euphoric = LOve

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    Happiness is the result of satisfaction of needs and wants, bliss is the happiness beyond need satisfaction; just being in the unity with all that exist whether or not they satisfy needs(or much greater impersonal need it would satisfy) and the ecstasy is unworldly exhilaration that emanates from merging with the rhyme and rhythm hidden in creation reaping joy and healing to self and others in that process of dance!

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    Happiness is "your craving met".

    At a very tender age, most of us are conditioned to perceive happiness as to have this or that. We start to crave.

    Once, our craving is met, fear emerged. The fear of losing this happiness appeared.

    Once, our craving is met, dissatisfaction emerged. We want to be happier.

    Suspicion and jealousy follows

    Bliss is "nothing else to crave".

    The Understanding that happiness is very link to unhappiness,

    The Understanding that happiness is short live,

    The Understanding that happiness is delusional,

    The Understanding that happiness cannot be own,

    only Contentment is bliss, it is realization.

    Putting this realization into practice, one will taste bliss.

    Ecstasy is the total indulge in enjoyment.

    To be frank with you Blessed Bee, I don’t know how to explain Ecstasy.

    I did experience such feeling during mediation.

    It’s total relaxation without guilt and worry attached.

    The feeling is……………………………… Ecstasy.

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  • Artoro
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    1 decade ago

    Blessed Bee.....you are blessed with the factor to learn and you are learning....... the Lifelong Learning Process in life.

    Happiness is the 1st realisation of satisfaction & contentment. It is to give and not to receive to get its utmost effect. As said correctly by most, the 3 stages are: Ordinary Happiness, 2nd stage...achieved Bliss (intermediate level) & 3rd stage, Ecstasy.......the attainment of the monk, the priest, nun & the hermit........understanding all living needs & wants are the illusion of emptiness, blank. All religion teaches followers & believers to achieve that goal in life.,,,,,can or cannot.!!!

    Do you believe me? .

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  • Sara
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    1 decade ago

    Happiness/sadness are a pair of opposites.

    There is a tribe in Africa that is said to stop their children from laughing too much because they believe it will be followed immediately by tears.

    You don't want the things which are opposites, so that you swing from one to the other.

    Ecstasy is full of emotion too, and emotion isn't what you want either.

    Bliss is one of he things that God is said to be.

    So I'd vote for bliss.

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