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Are german shepherds naturally protective over their owners?

Will I have to train my german shepherd to guard/protect me or will he already do it over time.(If I have him from a puppy of course) I am not looking for an attack dog, but a normal guard dog. nothing special. Also will he protect somone he does not know and will he guard my house when I leave.

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    If you want to be sure that your dog will guard your family and home then you should do some formal training with him, but this can also make him aggressive towards new family members, like new babies, until he knows that they are part of the family. If you've had him since a puppy and proven to him that you're part of his "pack" and have treated him well he will naturally be protective of you. I have a 2 yr old Shepard Mix and she is very protective of me especially, but knows that when my husband is home he is the protector of the family and home but is willing to help him out when needed. Most of the time they will not protect someone outside of their "pack" but if someone is around the home and your family a lot then they can become protective of them, but it's usually not typical for them to do this.

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    German Shepherds are protective by nature. That being said, generations of being overbred has lead to GSDs that are not true to the standard.

    There is no guarantee. Some dogs just aren't. But a well bred German Shepherd (from working lines from a breeder who titles and health certs their dogs) will be more apt to have this trait. You will pay alot of money, but it is worth it.

    Both of mine are protective, not aggressive though. When I am running with my oldest, he is aware of everything that is going on. He is also protective of the house and of my lab. He has never been challenged. I honestly don't know what he would do, but his barks and looks are deterrant enough for most not to try.

    GSDs tend to be aloof with strangers. I doubt they would protect someone they do not know but you never know. It may depend on the situation.

    ETA- training is important. Aggressive behavior should not be seen as being protective. There is a very big difference. Both of mine are very social dogs, but still watchful at the same time. My oldest even herds people away from the edge of our pool. They will bark when someone comes in the house, but stop when I answer the door. Depending on how I recieve the person, the act appropriately. If I smile and invite you in, they turn into tail wagging attention hogs.

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    No earlier then 8week. Some people do try to sell them at 6week, but its illegal in many places and the pup won't have learnt the start of bite inhibitation with it playmates. German Shepherds are very adaptable, extremely intelligent and eager to learn. These Alsatians can be trained to an extremely high level as guide dogs, avalanche dogs, tracking dogs and police dogs, Alsatians regularly win advanced obedience and field trials. Most Shepherds are reliable, self-confident, loyal to a fault, protective, brave and even-tempered. Unfortunately some breeders are offering shy and nervous Alsatians for sale. These dogs should be avoided at all costs as they can be dangerous. Alsatians are good with children and should be socialized and obedience trained when they are puppies. Do not train Shepherds as guard dogs as they are already protective of their families. Shepherds need lots of attention and physical and mental activity to keep happy. Alsatians make excellent watchdogs. German Shepherds do better with experienced dog owners

  • German shepherds are one of the easiest dogs to train and are very protective of their owner yet not aggressive like some breeds.Good choice!

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    The german shepherds I have met have been protective of the person who feeds and walks them (who they get thier resources from). I can't say if he will guard your house, but even if he doesn't a criminal would most likely be afraid of him anyway because most people associate german shepherds with guard/police dogs.

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    Dogs that do that need to be professionally trained, and not every dog has the inherent ability to make a good true protection dog.

    But, GSDs are naturally somewhat aloof with strangers and very loyal to their people. Most will bark when someone comes to the door. Regardless if your GSD would be very friendly with everyone--anyone that would mean to do you harm would think twice if you're walking with an adult GSD.

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    All dogs are naturally protective of their owners if they are raised correctly and shown lots of love. Some of the fiercest protectors are toy dogs. They can be quite fierce towards anyone approaching their owners..

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    All dogs will do this by their nature.

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