Are Blake Lively (serena gossip girl) boobs fake? PIKS!!!?

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Do you think they are or not? more
Update : Couldnt really find any decent piks except the last pik they look very more
Update 2: a few more... more
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If they are that's a great boob job!! I'd like to meet that doctor..
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  • Marla Singer answered 5 years ago
    they look fake in the last pic
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  • shelbylou0404 answered 5 years ago
    I dunno..I never thought they did. I mean, they are nice, but they don't look unnatural. At least not to me...But I'm not the ultimate judge of what "normal" boobs should look like!
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  • Brittany N answered 5 years ago
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  • Fueled by Bianca answered 5 years ago
    The answers given away in the last pic.
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  • Eddie answered 5 years ago
    ewwwwww, fake boobs
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    god dammmnnnn i would take that sh*t to town!! who cares i certainly don't!
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