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There is not enough memory or resources to complete operation.Close some programs,and then try again.?

I have window vista in my Dell Inspiron 1525.When i open Paint window and draw a line only,try to close the window it poped up the above mentioned warning instead of providing the option of SAVE/DON'T SAVE. I erased the line and again tried to close the window only then i am able to close it.Due to this problem i am not able to draw & paint figures. I will be thankful for immediate help!

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    it simply means that other programs r using up memory & processor time.

    Possible sol..

    Check the running processes & remove any unwanted apps.

    U can call TaskManager by rt-clk on TaskBar then clk TaskManager.

    If u r not comfy with using taskmanager turn off other major apps like

    aero glass effect, dream scene.

    Also run a system scan using CCleaner which does some amt of

    memory cleanup and also run a antivirus scan.

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    press "control+alt+delete" keys together and bring up the Task Manager.

    See what is using up your system resources. Close the unwanted program and you should be good to go.

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