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Why are Americans becoming over-sensitive in racism?

So many folks say that when it comes to dating and physical beauty, skin color doesn't matter.

Why doesn't skin color matter in physcial beauty while nose shape, eyes shape, height, ear shape, nose size, head size, breast size, and other physical factors matter?

Why does color have to be excluded there?

If color doesn't matter in physical beauty, then why do women apply makeups? makeups are colored right?

And here in the Philippines, we date someone if they are physically attractive and also have good moral character.

And skin color DOES affect beauty.

Why do Americans think the other way?

Is it because of the past?

I don't understand really.

And in America, when you say that guy is too dark, you're evil.

But when you say that guy's ear is too freakin large, they'll just laugh along.

As if it's meaner to insult a dark guy than to insult a very large eared guy.

Uhmmmm. It's the same.. hello????

To insult a guy based on his color is just as evil as insulting a guy based on his other physical appearance.

Also, there was this white girl who asked in some internet forum if it is racist if she doesn't want to date a black guy because she is nopt attracted to dark guys.

You know, that's common sense..

Just because you prefer lightskinned guys doesnt mean you'll do a Hitler and put all dark guys in concentration camps.

Common sense.

And I'm NOT telling that ALL Americans are like that.

It's just that I notice there are too many who are being politically correct-saintly.


You know, I know that it is Wrong to hate someone just because he belongs to another race.

What I'm trying to tell here is that most people are too sensitive about racism.

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    2 reasons:

    1). The USA is made up of several different races/nationalities all living together.

    Other nations seem to have only 1 or 2 different nationalities/races.

    2) The history of the USA is fairly unique compared to the rest of the world.

    This country is truly a "melting pot". All these different people living in one place together is (sadly) bound to cause some racial tensions.

    Had other nations had similar histories as the USA has, I'd bet they would also have similar "problems" like the US has...


    Source(s): . Of course it is wrong to "hate" people for being different. The US isn't the only place this happens, though. Personally, I judge people only by who they are & how they conduct themselves. Race or national origin means nothing to me...
  • Anonymous
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    The point you're trying to make lacks sensitivity.

    First of all judging someone by esthetics is exceptionally shallow.

    Secondly, you are judging apples and oranges. If you don't like your nose , or your ears are too big you have plastic surgery to fix the problem. If your skin is too dark, what do you do?

    People have no control over their skin color, and personally I find it offensive that people like you would discriminate against a person, without even knowing them, based on something they have little or no control over.

    In an ideal world there would be a surgery to adjust skin color.Since that isn't the case there will always be different shades, so we should accept that and get on with our lives.

    Technically, man is a few dollars worth of chemicals and a lot of water. It's only the unhappy that practice racism. It makes them feel better when they dump on another race.

    EDIT*** When you are the victim of racism, then you will understand what it's like , and become sensitive.

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    There's a big difference between skin color and other physical characteristics in judgements of physical beauty.

    There's a reasonable amount of consensus about the other physical characteristics. If you show a picture of someone and ask people to rate the person pictured in terms of physical beauty, there will be a large amount of agreement. But there is very little consensus about how skin color relates to beauty. You seem to imply that most people agree that darker is less attractive, but that's just bull. And some people who believe it is less attractive probably do so because they're racist.

    You might be able to make a good argument that a lot of people are too sensitive about racism, but I don't think the one you gave is a good one at all.

  • Anonymous
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    Racism goes beyond skin color. It's about race, culture and background. it isn't only about how that person looks, it's about what that person represent. That is the whole point of racism being wrong - people are not responsible for their background, and it is not a factor that they should be judged on. It has nothing to do with being attractive.

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  • Anonymous
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    saying someone's ugly because they're black is just another reason to justify your hate for an entire group of people. yes skin colour does affect beauty - but not always in the same way. some people look much better because of their dark skin. you really can't generalize- it varies from person to person.

  • Anonymous
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    racism, you should try living as a pink hippo!

  • Anonymous
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    Well, I agree.

    I don't believe in dating people who are a different color than me...

    and quite honestly, my dad would kill me if i went out with a black boy..

    don't get me wrong; i'm not a B I T C H Y racist person...they are my friends...but it doesn't cross that line.

  • I don't even know why it has to be an issue.

  • 1 decade ago

    other countries are weird too.

    so shut up.

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