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What has happened to online male gamers?

I am so sick and tired of the little boys that have infiltrated the online MMORPG and FPS industry. I am tired of having them question my credibility as a gamer just because I am female and then in the next instance here them trade hack and bot secrets to their little virtual high five buddies.

I have fragged for as long as I can remember, I bet you these boys didn't ever play the first GTA from start to finish on the playstation. But every time I log on to runescape, UT or my Diablo 2 Ladder Character; as soon as they find out I am female they swarm in and try to humiliate me. I do not understand why, I have been playing since Sega; technology has become better but my god people have become ruder. All I want to do is either be left alone to play if these people can NOT treat me like just another gamer I just want to be left ALONE!

So why are they all of a sudden acting like this then? I don't remember them being this bad in the 90's, what they can only handle competition if it's other little boys? I am sick of it.


Thanks Czech4Lylf at least I know it's not just me. lol

Update 2:

Edit: Thanks so much everyone... At least there are some genuine and decent male gamers left out there.

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't even get me started on this.

    Female gamers are like the goldmine of the gaming world. It's hard to find a female gamer these days, and it's because of little kids on games like Runescape that cause this.

    It's exactly like what Czech said: Female gamers are given no respect and treated like a piece of trash on the side of the road.

    It's little dweebs like that that made me quit online gaming altogether. You just want a normal match and you end up challenging an 8 year-old who can't even spell "Game".

    I say bring back the female gamers and rid of these immature morons.

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  • 4 years ago

    Well, when I first started playing on Xbox Live about 4 years ago, the ratio was probably 60 to 1 and I did get a lot of 'omg, you're a girl' though I never asked for any special treatment. I would meet many teen guys who would try to kill me more just because I'm female. I'd run into another female gamer maybe once every few months. Now it's a lot more common. There are many, many more females either playing or getting into online gaming so I think a lot of those kinds of guys have calmed down.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have also noticed this, i played runescape and i play XBL, and i notice this a lot, female gamer always get hassle.

    But the thing is on XBL most female gamers are very good at the games they play, and can match any male gamer.

    I think it is because these lil boys have never socialized with women thus are immature and treat them bad.

    It is more shocking on RS as 90%+ of female characters are normally male, so why do they crowd them? and then spam stuff like want to be my GF

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately a big perecentage of gamers now days are complete douche bags, in my opinion anyway. Simple as that. Because of this I try to stay away from the popular mainstream games. Blizzard games would probably have the most jerks.

    Other games such as Killzone 2 and Left 4 Dead are also jam packed with these idiots. :( I think maybe the majority of gamers today are a lot younger and are just generally much more immature. We can't explain it, it's just a part of what gaming has now become I guess.

    It's all about achievements now and making gamers feel 'elite' so they can brag to their friends and others. I myself do not like what the world of gaming has become so probably wont be around it much longer. Just good to see there are still some quality MMO's with mature and friendly communiities.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This isn't a new thing. I'm one of those fat old grannies and have been playing in tournaments and online for a lot of years and for a long time they thought I was too dumb to turn on the switch without help. I played the old NES games and went for world records. Got 2 of them, taped them on video tapes like they insisted on, sent them in and one company sent me a letter and wanted to know the name of the BOY who really got the high score because they knew that females didn't enjoy playing video games especially ones who claimed to be 38. Had several people send in letters saying they were always beaten by me and I should be recognized for the score. They never did though and never even answered me again. That sucked.

    Finally stopped playing online because I am sick of being swarmed and killed off as soon as they find out I'm female. Now I just play my own consoles and have friends or family over to play the multiplayer games so at least I'm still competing. Our granddaughter is becoming one heck of a gamer too and has problems with the boys at school over it too.

    BTW I have every single console that's ever been sold, a lot of games for each one and am married to a pinball and video game technician. He can't even play the dang games and gives them to me to check out when he fixes them. He sure keeps my and everyone else's consoles and our pinball machines running great around here so I've got the best of both worlds.

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  • 1 decade ago

    mm i totally agree being nearly 21 and a gamer for over 12 years ive seen the same thing happening.

    Women gamers are treated like garbage and not shown respect.

    I think its the fact of parents buying 7 year olds computers and consoles at a too young age,

    i personally think that gender shouldnbt be an issue if someone is good at a game or not. -_-

    ive played runescape for over 6 years now and these idiots have increased each year.

    nice to see someone else with the same views as me ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, I just posted a question very similar to yours and I completely feel your pain.

    A long while ago I applied to GameStop just for some extra money, and I remember one of the first things one of the associates asked me was if I even played video games just for being a chick. And of course, you know all the other bogus bull crap that us al girls have to put up with. It's down right ridiculous.

    I bet those guys who bash on us female gamers treat their girl friends like crap and they probably think with their penis'.

    The only real difference between us all is our reproductive organs lol.

    I'm so happy that my boyfriend isn't like that, we alway have so much fun playing co-op.

    Maybe one day, these annoying "little boys" will grow some balls one day and treat us all with respect, then all the real men can play online more.

    Source(s): Experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Holy hell, the world is full of retard. I am male, and do NOT treat female gamers different from males. If someone beats me I accept it all the same regardless of gender.

    That aside, do you still have that ladder character? My sorc needs help in Hell :(

    Also, if you have Warcraft III My clan is not biased and is a prime place to play some games.

    In the worlds of video games that you and I play, all you need is a tag and an accurate measurement of that user's level of skill.

    Have a nice day and I hope you can find freedom from those retards that ruin your gaming experience(s).

    Source(s): My Brain.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am 22 and most of them show no respect at all. Its like they have nothing better to do.

    I understand most companies and developer try to make a game that is for everybody and all ages, so they can expand their target and make more money that way.

    Back then Online Gaming was not huge, now Home Console has online gaming, people can afford computer to play online. Chatting, Voice, Webcam. Everybody can go online now. Even video games are important to have online feature and not just single player.

    Back then we dont know what kind of players outside out home. Now we now, immature.

    I rather play with girls than guys. They can have their sausage fest all day. I dont even care if i even play with grannies and fat chicks (sorry)

    All you can do is ignore them. What i love about Xbox Live is you can leave feedback to them, so they can be suspended from their account for couple of months. One of the kids here actually post a questions about that, like - why i get kicked off, do you guys actually waste your time leaving feedback - he got suspended for 3 months.

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  • thomas
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    1 decade ago

    Sad thing is that there's a bunch of rude prepubescent kids playing right now who are just obnoxious to everyone especially ladies. Apparently they think it's ok to act like that because their online & can't get slapped for it. The age of kids playing those games keeps getting younger & they keep getting ruder. I try to just ignore most of the kids & socialize with the few adults I manage to find in Runescape.

    I hope you manage to find a few friendly faces to play with.

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