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Female Dog:- At what age does a female dog become protective?

Don't waste my time answering if you are only iterested in giving me a lecture - I want an answer to the question and that is all. To those who answer the question seriously, thank you. I have a male Akita 3 year old and I would say he became Protective around 18 months to 2 years. Are girl dogs different? Do they become protective earlier? This is a genuine question. I am truly fascinated to know. Do girl dogs mature quicker in this and other area's just like human girls mature quicker than males? What are your thoughts.

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    I haven't had Akitas specifically, but I have had GSDs and Australian shepherds. The girls typically start becoming protective around a year to a year and a half. But like the guys they are still maturing mentally until about 18 mo.

    GSD, Akitas, and Aussies are protective breeds. There are individuals, of course, who would not react to Frankenstein's approach. The Akita belonging to a friend hid under the coffee table at 11 months when an intruder tried to get inside the house. But by 18 months he was showing a lot more maturity, and his true genetic tempermant was asserting itself.

    For breeds that aren't protective by breeding, it may never happen. They just don't have it in them.

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    Most girl dogs do become protective a lot sooner than boys. They mature a lot sooner than boys just like we do. Some girl dogs don't become protective until they have a litter though. It mostly depends on the breed of the dog. Some just have it built into their DNA and some it comes with time. Mostly though to be quite honest it is a mater of opinion though. I have a Doberman that was protective way before our jack russel. The jack russel did not become real protective until she had puppy's. So as you can see there is really no exact ancer to this ?. How ever I hope that this did give you enough info to think about.

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    protectiveness is more linked to genetics of the dog. 18 months is about near adult sexual maturity hence its when most will start showing proper protective behavior. Females probably wont be as protective as they dont have that typical male 'territory' issue but a dominant ***** probably will. Goes on the individual dog on the degree as well.

    Source(s): dog trainer/vet nurse
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    I think with all dogs they mature around 18 months to two years - this is when their behaviour can change and they may become more protective or dog aggressive etc.

    Source(s): Owner of two staffordshire bull terriers.
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    generally, females mature a little faster or at the same speed as a male.

    (i'm assuming you're just wondering when she'll start barking at strangers at the door, and that the dog is well socialized....)

    you can encourage her to ACT protective, but whether or not she will actually BE protective is up to her as an individual.

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    They *DOnOT*!!!

    No dog-whatever gender or breed or lack thereof-will "protect" w/out MONTHS OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING!!!!

    Your nastyazz beast is NOT "protective"'s merely untrained ,ill-mannered,spoiled rotten & dangerous!

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