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who built the white house?

why did they build it and name it the white house

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    Humans built it. They were they only species on the face of the Earth capable of building such a structure at the time.

    It was actually built by African-American slaves, freemen and immigrants.

    It was eventually called the `white-house' because the public thought the white paint was to hide burn marks from a fire in 1812 caused by the British. The architect was James Hoban.

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    I think this will answer your questions...

    Jesse Holland, an AP journalist has written a book, "Black Men Built the Capitol: Discovering African-American History In and Around Washington, D.C." on this subject. Holland, an African-American journalist, is AP's Supreme Court correspondent. He's now reporting from the halls of a building that stands on the ground where a jail once stood... a jail that was leased by slave-owners to house slaves bought at auction along the Plaza.

    As a country, we have far to go... but we've come a long way too!

    -- Jesse Holland on How Slaves Built the White House and the US Capitol

    -- Jesse Holland's website

  • Hard workers built the White House

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    I believe Black slaves built most of Washington. The White House got its name during the War of 1812 when the British were able to set the President's house on fire, which turned it white. They'd either of to live with it or knock it down and rebuild, so they white washed what wasn't yet burnt.

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    You would have gotten your answer faster with a google search, which would have taken you to a nice link as the White House web site.

    BTW, its called the "White House" because its... you know... a white house.

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    Jews.... God helped them

    That is why there are soooooo many Jews running around the White House as advisers = screwing the USA for Fat, White Russians in Israel

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    They built it because someone told them to. They didn't name it.

  • Rednecks built the White House. That is why they hate president Obama.

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    We did a good job too. It looks great

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