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Can you imagine a govt. employee has to work 72 hrs continuously in India?It is not of past slavery age,it is?

about free india? where is right of equality? where is right of freedom?We are the team leaders of First responder team to an emergency!Where we have to respond in one minute,where your life in crises is at stake on our split second decision and action which we lead from front.Many times we have to take leave to complete our sleep! Yes I am telling you about the post of Station officer in Delhi Fire Service,as we work 72 hours continuously after which we get 24 Hours rest.Govt. is def to our representation,as we want 100% efficiency during various operations i.e. fire calls,rescue calls(house collapse,road accidents,drowning rescue,etc.) to save the endangered life of people .Although the occupational health hazards are Integrated part of our life,but they are many time increased due to long working hours.Any help will be highly appreciated.

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    In emergencies I have worked over 72 hours straight without sleep.

    Many people have done that .

    That is not unusual for some types of occupations when you have an emergency and there is not another person to replace you.

    I would say that it is good practice to require people to work a shift like that occasionally to get people accustomed to occasionally having to work for extended hours.

    You are in an occupation where you may have to work those kinds of hours because you do not have people to replace you in a crisis.

    It is better to give people some practice working that kind of schedule occasionally before you are forced to work that kind of schedule in an emergency.

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    As much as i respect the dedication of firemen during times of emergency a lot of those emergencies are also created because of some corrupt fire department officials.

    I've seen with my own eyes, Delhi's fire chiefs exploiting their nuisance value and approving buildings that are not fire safe, for bribes. So your bosses compound your problems by not adhering to the code. They have free dinners at five star hotels and overlook code violations when they should be strict and have a no nonsense approach to ensure fire safety.

    I would like to see all the firemen well equipped, well rested and safe but the corruption at the higher level has also got to go, to help the country do that.

    Yes, they are desperately shortstaffed and have to work extra hard to keep up. Firemen in the west too have to put in long hours during times of emergency. We need to recruit more people to this noble profession and make it more attractive salary wise too. Volunteer programs also need to be started within communities so they can assist the firemen during times of emergency. Fire drills need to be made compulsory wherever there are large gatherings of people so they are well prepared during actual emergencies. More awareness needs to be created.

    I salute the firemen who have died trying to save the lives of others.

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    you really work that long ? sorry to hear that , but fire-fighting is not an easy job anywhere in the world . i guess the govt should appoint more firefighters . that way the stress could be reduced .

    anyway most govt jobs in india are a breeze (except for security related jobs ). in fact , in some jobs , you just need to sign the register in the office and then leave immediately .

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    I didnt think that everyone has to work hard

    The mental or physical work grades r given

    The work whichrequire more mental & physical grade r at toppriority

    then the lower ones.

    And In India my experience of govt employees may be POLICE<POSTOFFICE<BEST<ELECTRICITY(workers) is very bad

    They donot impart the qualititative work except living some who really

    dedicated towards country & work ..

    S@@ry &&& THANKs

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    Of course they have to work that long.. how else will they get all our American products done in time for the greedy unpatriotic american companies that send the good over there to be made.

    Nice isn't it... Lousy companies that put peoples lives after their bottom line. Makes me sick just to think about it!

    I for one, try very hard not to buy one thing that is not made in this country, or could not be made here.. that is what we all should do.. but alas.. we are too greedy, too self centred.. too shallow.

    Welcome to America!

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    mohandas bought freedom for nehru to usurp it to enslave eveyone on behalf of the colonizers; that is why a european is in the supervisory post.

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    Naw. The Indians love to be abused. You just have to be in a higher cast and they'll do whatever you tell them.

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