Help me choose a canoe :D.?

Im looking for a canoe which will be able to do day trips, fishing and a canoe which i could use a double ended paddle with. And something that tracks well. Because this is my first craft i have no idea what im looking for haha.


Also can canoes have sails? (like kayaks)

Update 2:

I looked up the ones you mentioned, im looking to go in both river and lake as well as inlets and shallow sea.

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    There are many good choices. The best such canoe that you describe is a Grumman Canoe. The length and type will depend on your weight and the kind of water you want to paddle in. You need to outfit it so you can kneel or sit near the center of it. Loaded it should float bow light. You can paddle into the wind by sitting forward. You can paddle downwind by sitting to the rear. Experiment. Don't believe the 'Hiawatha' crowd that says sit in the stern and ballast the bow. You don't need a keel, good canoes track. Next choice, a plastic canoe. Third, a fiberglass/resin one. Others to consider are woodstrip and canvas covered models. Mohawk and others also build flat stern canoes that can take a small outboard motor. Visit the waters you want to fish in and find out what others are using.

    Source(s): Owned many canoes!
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