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I am sick of my company emails being listed as spam!!!!?


I am getting sick and tired now of our digital newsletters that go out by email now and get blocked or we get marked as spam...

I have tried every route i can think of and cannot find any other route to take any my employment depends on it...

We send thousands of emails every month as LEGITIMATE newsletters these are not spam, the are corporate addresses and anybody can opt out, we are a legitimate company...

PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help....

How do other companies do it ????? i.e. Argos ? Screwfix ? Ebuyer ?



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    An opt out is not enough. Many spammers use opt-outs merely as a way of gathering further validated email addresses. If I get mail like this I didn't request it gets marked as spam straight away, I am not going to even attempt the opt-out.

    Instead people need to opt in. This need to be an active choice by the recipient - not sending emails in response to filling in a form that has "We may send you marketing information..." buried somewhere in the terms and conditions.

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    It doesn't matter whether they are legitimate newsletters or not, it is the fact that it is the volume which is marking them as spam and if you are just sending them by email in the normal way it is not very businesslike because you can't build up automatic statistics of whether the exercise is worthwhile.

    What you need as a company and am surprised you are not already doing this as a marketing exercise, is to use company like Constant Contact - that is how the big boys do it, perhaps not that particular company but it is very good because your communications go out and look like your website - if you have one - very professional and this can only enhance your prospects of favourable response.

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    I don't think that Argos etc send newsletters to people unless they have actively subscribed to them.

    Normally this will by a switch on the company's Web site where the viewer is asked to "click here" to receive bulletins and emails. they may also be asked to allow the email past their spam filter.

    Most spam filters will block what they perceive as unsolicited emails because they recognise certain characteristics of the address lines. If this didn't happen then we would all be completely swamped by them.

    It is not something that you can fix from your end. You must provide a means to Opt In on your web site then notify your customers who don't browse your site (by Royal Mail) that this facility exists and that they can subscribe to newsletters.

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    There can be a few reasons for them being marked SPAM, or JUNK mail.

    The company you send to could have a very strict policy on incoming E-mails. Others might not let any advertising through at all.

    Some E-mail software will automatically mark them because it's an unknown address, meaning it's not in their address book.

    The more business related reasons could be because someone has added your company name, although legit, to a block list, have a look at this link and read up on it.

    If it is just a few companies then I suggest you contact them and ask them to avoid there security software fro using the check lists for you.

    Don't forget, the more you send out, the more that does not get through.

    Hope it helps.

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    You've obviously got your spam protection on. You can sort this by including the addresses of all your known recipients in your own address book. For those you send out the recipients must do the same.

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    It is up to each recipient to go into his e-mail settings and include you in the list of "safe senders" so your mail goes into the Inbox.

    However, there is the possibility that recipients do actually find your mails annoying and are content for them to be treated as Spam

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    I never heard of those companies either! One man's email is another man's spam!

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    Labelled as spam? Surely it is just your server that does this?

    Worth asking them why they do it.

    Alternatively change your ISP.

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