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I am an Australian resident, can I apply for an ABN (Australian Business Number) if I'm living overseas?

I am a multimedia/web developer and I want to be doing freelance work for companies in Australia, but they require an ABN for my services. I am an Australian citizen but currently residing overseas because my husband works overseas.

Am I eligible for an ABN if I live outside of the country but provide services to Australia?

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    If you hold a corporate presence in Australia and it is still is in operation. Then Yes you can apply for an ABN. As long as the business has a legitimate legal physical address rather than a postal box then again. Yes you may.

    If you go to this link it shows requirements:


    To apply for ABN:


    It will direct you to the ABN application. It will also generate a file number for you as well...When you have completed the application it will ask you to print the form.

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    Call the licensing division that grants the ABN to find out.

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    4 years ago

    its pretty straight forward just a heap of paperwork and a nice fee of a couple hundred dollars involved i think..just ring the ato

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