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What swimsuit would my body type suit? (inludes pics)?

Before anyone says anything i just want you to know i know i'm not no rude comments.

Ok, so i was wondering what swimsuit i would suit best, i'm 14, 5 foot 4 and weigh 130 pounds (i've have an odd shaped body). Its just i've worn boardies and a rash shirt my whole life lol.

covered up -

front -

side -

mucking round with my friend (lol, to explain the costume)

Front -

Side - i was jumping if your wondering

Thanks - remember please don't say anything mean


opps, i messed up the questiony thing at hte top

Update 2:

wait, no i didn't

Update 3:

bikini - oh my god - i've been called fat my WHOLE life!

Update 4:

sorry pieman and c123 guy,

I took my face out so no-one knows its me, and second..well, thanks for saying i'm skinny lol

Update 5:

lol, spencer, its not a swinsuit, its like one of those hawaiian top things

Update 6:

I took off the photos, after i got enough answers so sorry:)

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    The solid- colored tie waist two piece is sexy, but not too revealing. I have the black and get complimented for it every time I wear it. It compliments pretty much every body type. Your body is great so I think any bathing suit would suit you. And if you want to cover up on top they have the long tops too. But I don't think you need to at all.

    I would suggest getting it from Old Navy- They're stuff is affordable, but great quality.



    Old Navy Bathing Suits:

    Source(s): I have it!
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    Actually, according to what you said about "with not much of a chest", I think it wouldn't suit you. Not saying it looks bad or anything, it actually looks really cute! But looking at that swimsuit, I think you'd need a chest to wear it.

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    umm wtf is wrong with you? Saying your not skinny. Lemme guess your one of those girls who think their fat, or say they're fat to get attention. Number one, you are skinny, number two, you can wear whatever bathing suit you want. Because you are skinny. So look in the mirror once again, then look at some of the over weight people who cant wear a bathing suit at all, if they do, it doesnt look good. Be happy your the size you are.

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    fold over bottoms.

    just like this:

    shes at a weird angle so the bottoms dont look great in that pic but if you look at a june issue of seventeen mag on pg 27.. the exact ones :]

    its super cute with a colorful patterned bandeau top.. mix it up so its fun.

    def the right choice for you :]

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    you have a nice body.. but if your worrying about how you look in a bathing suit then get a tankini... they cover you more than a bikini but not all the way like a 1 piece....

    other wise just go for a bikini... you could pull either off!


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    i think the board shorts and bikini top is pretty cute esp if you are worried about showing too much. That's what i do. but you are def. not fat.

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    girl you have like a perfect body i would trade mines for yours any day a cute bikini would look great on you or one of those whole peices that dont cover your whole body like this one

    but really any bathing suit would look good have confidence in yourself

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    board shorts and a bikini top if u r feeling confident. if not, then u will have to stay with the old stuff

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    this chart right here will help you decide what swimsuit to get to complement your figure:

    after you finish determining your body shape there is another chart underneath it to show you how the swim suits look...hope this helps:)

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