Why did Sweeney Todd kill people ? Please answer, URGENT !?

Why did he kill people in real life, not the films.

Thanks, please answer ! Urgent !!

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    It was his way of getting revenge as he lost his wife and his daughter. He was upset and lonely so he started killing people and putting them into pies.

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    It's actually unknown what the real intentions were behind the historic "Sweeney Todd." Of course, the story of his imprisonment in Botany Bay and the death of his wife was just that - a story - created by multiple writers during the late 1800s, and marketed as a Penny Dreadful, now known as "A String of Pearls," and published in a few newspapers of the time, too. All that is known of the true Mr. Todd is that he was, in fact, a barber, who did slit the throats of many of his unsuspecting customers. However, in the beginning, he had stored them in the basement of the chapel next door, but when it became too full, and people began to notice the pungent stench, he resorted to including the local baker in the murders (who, in fact, lived down the street, and not so conveniently below his own shop). She then would cook the bodies into her pies, and serve them to the people of London. Also unlike the story, however, the real Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett (though those weren't their real names, either), were hung shortly after being discovered.

    So, as you can see, no one really knows exactly why he committed the murders - he just...did. Perhaps it was to right some wrong done to him, or perhaps it was simply because he was insane; either way, it is not likely that there was an "evil" judge involved in the incident, and neither is it likely that the real Sweeney lost his wife, or was even sent to Australia, for that matter.

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    Sweeney Todd Murders

  • Sweeney Todd is fiction!

    Only in the films 1982/2007 was the Benjamin Barker, revenge for his wife and daughter against the evil Judge Turpin introduced. The source that claim he was real the story is he was sent to jail at the age of 13 wrongly accused of stealing. In Newgate prison he became a barber's apprentice. when relesed through mental illness and greed he killed to feed his blood lust and to rob. Mrs Lovett, used him to get money and pay the dept orher pie shop and avoid buying meat

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    Sweeney Todd is based on a fictional story,google it on the net !

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    So that he could get revenge it's just the same question as why did Jack The Ripper kill people.

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    He killed people to put into pies.

    And he killed the Judge for vengeance (the judge sent him to australia for 20years while his wife was drugged and daughter was adopted.)

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    He slit their throats!

    Big L 266

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    it's not a true story theres no evidence of it, all it was, was back in 18th century they liked to entertain themselfs with scary comic like storys in the newspaper

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