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Do you loosen violin strings when not playing?

If I was to stop playing my violin, but I might pick it up again after college, how do i store it? do i loosen the strings or keep them tight?

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    The above answers are idiots! You NEVER loosen the strings unless you are undertking any maintenance work (eg on the bridge). One does, however, loosen the hairs on the bow when not in use.

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    If you were going to stop playing your violin for a long period of time, a few months to a year or more, then I do suggest loosening the strings so that the tension is not constantly pulling during all that time. Safely loosen the strings, wrap the violin in a clean, soft cloth (like a scarf), place it in the case and store it in a non-humid area. Remember to also loosen the bowhairs.

    The other people saying that you should never loosen the strings are talking about a short-term storage, such as a week or so. Loosening and tightening the strings every time you put it away every day will weaken them and cause them to snap. However, since you're wanting to store it long-term, feel free to loosen them.

    Source(s): Sister-in-law's a professional violinist, I'm a fiddler :)
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    Violin Strings

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    I never, never loosen the strings on my violin. Just the bow hairs are loosened.

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    No way! There is absolutely no need to loosen strings when not playing, you just need to loosen your bow.

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    No! You loosen the bow hair, but not the strings.

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    No!! It weakens the strings if you tighten them and loosen them too often! I agree with the Top Contributor- don't loosen them, you could very easily end up pulling your bridge out of position, or completely off.

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    Noooo.... No need to, it will only damage them.

    Just leave it how it is, as if you start to change thing on it then its really hard to get it back, and you'll probably have to pay for it repaired.

    Just loosen the bow and it'll be fine :)

    Source(s): Fiddle Player :) And I have 3 violins stored away!
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    You shouldn't because the tension from the strings keeps the bridge in place so by removing tension you move the bridge.

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    You store it with the strings slightly loosened - not too loose or the bridge will fall and the sound pin might jar loose and that would be a problem. Also, it would be best to tuck a few pieces of cardboard under the fingerboard to keep it steady. Not too much, I use three pieces of cardboard about 2 inches by 1/2 inch stacked and tucked under the fingerboard. Depends on the width of the cardboard and the height of the fingerboard to know how many. Tie the violin snugly into the case, tell it that you will be back in a few years, and store it in a safe, not too hot or too wet place.

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