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Would this cage be big enough for two ferrets? (utube video included)?

This cage has my two dwarf bunnys in it now but it also has a bit of an extension:


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Do you think without the extension it would be big enough for two ferrets? They will have at least 3 hours a day outside the cage.

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    Just the cage - No. With the extension - Yes. After owning 2 ferrets and having a large multilevel cage with hammocks and stations, I would never put them in something smaller. With the extension it would give them about the same room as the large cage. They are very active pets even when in their cage. The 4 hours of playtime is great but everyone knows they will not get it every day. Not saying anything about you but things happen, things come up, our lives go on with our pets but they will be there alone in their cage.

    The cage is really nice and I do like it alot but I really think they need the extension or maybe something else like the extension for more room.

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  • Abriel
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    No, that cage is not big enough for two ferrets. In my opinion it's barely big enough for the rabbits.

    Ferrets are very active animals and need at least twice as much space as that for one, let alone two. And they need more than 3 hours a day outside of the cage.

    Ferret Nation sells some very good cages that are about the right size.

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    Ferret need four hours minimum out, and more is much better, they are companion animals not cage pets. That cage looks a good size but where are the bunnies going to live? So long as it is minimum 3ft long it will be fine for ferrets though.

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    It would be fine for the ferrets but not all four pets. There is not enough room for all of them. As long as you allow your ferrets to run around that cage should be fine.

    I am investing in the two level cage on this site: http://www.craftycreatures.com/forferretsonly/inde...

    Source(s): proud mom of two: Ahote Bear and Mika-Anne
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  • 3 years ago

    while they're wide awake they might desire to spend that element outta cage they ain't like gerbils they're greater resembling canines and cats and not restricted to a hutch or cage 24/7 plus theres the reality they won't get tame adequate in case you do not work together outdoors of the cage

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    Yeah that cage should be fine for them providing they have 4+ hours out of the cage every day. :-)

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    1 decade ago

    yes they should do fine in it as long as you take them out for a few hours each day

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