Will being a vegetarian become bad for my health due to the fact i am still growing?

Will being a vegetarian become bad for my health due to the fact i am still growing? I am 14. I will next month 15.So will it effect my growth?

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    Yes, I'm afraid so. You should wait until your at least 18 before committing to vegetarianism.

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    This has been a quote floating around in this section of Y!A for a while, but I will share it with you--according to the American Dietetics Association and Dieticians of Canada "a properly planned vegetarian diet satisfi[es] the nutritional needs for all stages of life." All you have to do is make sure that you are eating healthily and you will be just fine.

    This site will help you as a starting point to making sure you are eating a healthy diet:


    A healthy vegetarian diet simply includes a varied diet of nuts, seeds, legumes (beans, lentils), whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Limit your intake of processed foods and eat more whole natural foods, just like everyone should. Just research what you need to be healthy and you will be just fine. If you currently have a vitamin or mineral deficiency or have in the past, then talk to a doctor familiar with the vegetarian diet or with a nutritionist. Otherwise, you'll be just fine. Good luck with the transition to vegetarianism!

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    i might keep away from it until you're older. Your physique continues to be transforming into and coming up at this age and it extremely is amazingly, very complicated to interchange the goodness of meat with supplementations and vegetables. i replaced into vegetarian for a 12 months while i replaced into your age, or perhaps however I did each thing the surgeon stated (that's yet another ingredient - you particularly might desire to touch a doctor), i replaced into vulnerable, underweight, I had no power and merely earlier i desperate it wasn't properly worth it I fainted two times. and that i replaced into doing each thing by using the e book. 5 years later, my iron stages are nonetheless too low. that could desire to easily be me, yet my 12 month vegetarian stint actual did no longer help. There are greater constructive a thank you to make sparkling your comments on animal rights, which includes petitioning and proscribing your intake to the minimum cautioned point in case you insist. reducing out meat fullyyt will purely reason you issues. additionally, one guy or woman no longer ingesting meat won't provide up human beings ingesting meat globally. we've stepped forward to be omnivores - this is what we do. the way we slaughter cattle is punctiliously humane ninety 9.ninety 9% of the time, in spite of what sensationalist web content might additionally help understand. heavily, there are greater constructive a thank you to combat for animal rights.

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    Not at all, unless you live off cookies, cake, and french fries.

    Just be careful to monitor your nutrition, as always. Don't eat too much fat, but don't eliminate it completely. Eat lots of fiber, protein, and iron rich foods on top of complex carbohydrates, like brown rice or whole wheat spaghetti. Meat isn't essential to get all the nutrients you need.

    Here's an example of a good vegetarian meal:

    -whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce with mushrooms and cheese

    -steamed broccoli

    -glass of orange juice

    -for dessert- bowl of fresh fruit and some yogurt

    Kudos for going the vegetarian way. It's not only good for the animals and environment but a really healthy choice too.

    I've been vegetarian since I was born- no problems.

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    I've been a vegetarian my whole life, and I ate Morningstar Farms products. They are vegetarian, and they are super good, and they replace just about any meat you can think of, so there's your protein. I never had any health problems, in fact I was always the one who wasn't sick among friends, and so on... It will absolutely NOT affect your growth.

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    No. Use the Vegetarian Food Pyramid if you are unsure how to get proper nutrients.


    Help you get started



    To ensure you still get everything you need, try a teen multivitamin. I like the chewable ones. The swallow ones are too big for me :-)

    Source(s): culinary school graduate, aspiring vegetarian chef
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    it is most certainly not bad for you

    assuming you still meet your nutrition needs

    considering you will not be eating meat, it will be slightly harder to get daily recommended protein, but it is easy to do.

    go to health food places and try to maintain a balanced diet in all nutrients and vitamins.

    taking vitamins might help, also :]

    i comment your vegetarianism, i believe it's the way to go

    good luck =D

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    If you eat right, you will be fine. Eat balanced and healthy vegetarian foods. Don't fill up on junk food.

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    If you don't get enough protein it could be very bad for you and stunt your growth.

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