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Russian Speakers?What does Ya Ochen Skuchau mean?

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    Ok, there are many answers to this question and many have some truth to them. However, there is one major difference between saying I AM BORED and I MISS YOU VERY MUCH.

    When Russians indicate how a person feels (e.g., hot, cool, interested, bored, happy), they use the dative case of the person plus the adverbial form (-о) of the complement. So I AM BORED in Russian would be МНЕ СКУЧНО.

    Now your sentence: Я ОЧЕНЬ СКУЧАЮ has nominative form of the personal pronoun I and it really means: I MISS YOU VERY MUCH or I TRULY MISS YOU. "You" is implied and does not need to be present in the sentence, it is usually clear from the context.

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    I miss (you) much. Don't be surprised that there's no "you" in this Russian sentence, it's implied, on the top of which, such an intimate phrase can be spoken/written only between two close friends, family members or lovers.

    However, the phrase "I'm much bored" will never have "I" in direct form, it will be something likfe "it's very boresome to me", and sounds "Mne ochen' Skouchno" in Russian.

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    It means "I really miss [someone or something]" or it can mean being homesick. Theoretically it CAN mean being bored (for ex."Я очень скучаю на этих лекциях") but it is more common to use "мне скучно" ("Мне скучно на этих лекциях") in such case.

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    Skuchat (скучать) is used in two ways, depending on context.

    In the bare phrase "ya ochen skuchau" (я очень скучкю), with nothing after it, it means "I am very bored".

    If, however, there is anything following it, like "ya ochen skuchau po [...]" (я очень скучаю по кому-нибуд), then it would mean "I really miss [someone]".

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It mean "i miss you" or "im bored" which ever way you use it. Good luck.

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    That means : I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it means i really miss you...

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    it means I really miss...

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    It means: I'm very bored.

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    i am feeling so sad........

    and continue ur sentence

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