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What countries would help USA if North Korea launches one of their missiles at us?

I heard that North Korea is planning to launch a missile at Hawaii, And if North Korea hits Hawaii we would go to War with them. And if we go to War with North Korea will we also be going to War with China since China is North Korea's ally? And if that ever happens, Will Japan and South Korea help us fight the war? What other countries will help us if we ever do end up with a War with North Korea and China? Is China even ally's with North Korea?

Sorry for the question if I made any mistakes. I'm just trying to get some information.

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    I read about this missile, and it seems to me North Korea is just making more threats and demands in order to start a war. That way, it puts NK's opposing forces across as the bad guys. Until then, no missiles will be fired on either side.

    I've done a lot of research into whether China would back North Korea, and I can safely conclude that it wouldn't. For one thing, China has North Korea on a pretty tight leash - it supplies its oil at below-market prices, and it has a very big influence on the countries decisions. China does not want to go to war with the U.S.A either, because their exports to the US practically keep the country running. There's no way China could finance a war without U.S money from exports. Plus the fact that China condemns North Korea's nuclear tests, saying that they are a threat and China will always play a "constructive role", meaning that no wars will be started.

    I think Japan is becoming a lot like the western world in its policies and way of running the country. Japan isn't exactly very friendly with North Korea right now due to multiple missile tests into the Japanese sea. Plus the fact that North Korea has refused to pay certain things to Japan, which it still owes, and Japan spends US$50 billion for military expenditure, whereas NK only spends US$5.5 billion. South Korea will not help because it desperately wishes for peace between the two nations, but if North Korea becomes even more tyrannous and begins an invasion the South will fight back.

    Unfortunately I think the USA would be alone in this war. The UN would certainly get involved, as would NATO, but they would merely get politically involved, not go over there and sort them out physically. China would demand peace and negotiation on both sides, and Britain will not get involved in any sense apart from politically, it's such a far away war to begin with, and due to it's current economic climate. The War on Terror is really thinning troops out too, nevermind sending them to North Korea - Iraq and Afghanistan are still being dealt with.

    China is North Korea's ally, but as I explained it's like a father-son relationship. NK depends upon China to tell it what to do in many ways, and China has the power to stop it doing certain things if it really wants to.

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    Expect China to think about their economic trades with th US and being a communist country along side their neighbor North Korea. If North Korea sends a missile towards the US it will be shot down. If it heads to Russia it would also be shot down. But if it hits either Hawaii or South Korea the US would retaliate with military combat. And we by far has the second biggest military even though we have our troops scattered all over the Middle East. If we needed more troops the UN would help us out. Countries would include The UK, South Korea, and Japan(even though they technically have an army). But possibly the following countries might try to help Canada, France, and Russia. And of course China will try to negotiate and calm everything down the best they can but they will not go to war with either counrties they are saving their troops in case of a military defense. But we do not need help, but if we fight this war alone we will be spending the amount of money into the hundreds of billions. All I want is for the US to bring back "THE DRAFT" we would demolish North Korea. Plus even when Kim Jong Il dies his 26 year old son Kim Jong Un "The Prince" will take over as the new leader and I heard this kid is as vicious as his dad and cold hearted like him too.

    Source(s): CNN/HLN/ABC/CNBC/NBC!
  • Korea does have the balls to fire a weapon! Just hink about it and do your reaserch! Their leader is a compleate pshyco! He is very sick and is gonna die soon! He wants to leave with a bang. Which is sending a bomb over to the US! Even though they dont have the technology to fire one..... theyd stilll do it just to do it! I also believe that some middle east countries such as Iran and Iraq would supply N. Korea with more advanced wepons. Becuase they all have somting in common! They hate the US. Now on the allied side! France, Russia, Canada, and Germany may potentionally back us up! Definent countries such as Britian, S. Korea, Japan. But if it came down to the wire and it was a matter of the world exisiting or not......... which is unlikely, Mexico and China would help the US out. I know this because, Chinas income would go down by over 50% because we by everything from them and they cant afford the US being gone. and we have Mexico on a leash.... they do everything we say! And another thing about th nukes, if N. Korea wer to launch one, surrounding countries would shoot it down because if it fails which it more likely will, it has a great pottential on hitting another country such as Japan and Asia, possibly even Europe! So dont worry! We are fine...... no need to worry! One more thing i would have to add is if The US was desperate for more troops and stuff like that, they would have a draft and tennage boys 17 and older would be drafted into the army...... if you make the physiacal requirements!

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    I honestly think no one would help.When have they? In Iraq with hardly any troops at all? South Korea really isn't much of help considering the last time it got serious WE had to help them out. Japan? Well I'm not really counting on too much there considering they really aren't supposed to have a real army. As for China, think of what they could gain if there was all out war? America would suffer losses no matter what any of you think. All those huge ocean liners that carry all our Wal-mart goods over here would be put to a stop because of hostile waters. Then China could just jack up prices on everything because we NEED everything. Half the world can benefit by the US being attacked, and its very sad to say.

    Also I've been hearing all over about this Nuclear talk, and everyone is willing to press the button right now. Even if NK decides to send one at us do you really think that us sending a couple back means its over? NO!! It just means more and more being dropped because you've opened Pandoras box. There isn't just the explosion where ever you drop it at. There's backlash all over. The fallout, the radiation there for years to come, more american hatred, not to mention once it gets into the atmosphere. Mass killing is not an acceptable answer. Just try to find out how many civilians we've killed in the wars America has fought.

    Source(s): A man who is fed up.
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    North Korea will go ahead with the launch. Neither the U.S, nor Japan will shoot the missile down. The North will back off if we offer them another million pounds of food and fuel, then they will reschedule the launch for next week. They never honor their agreements. NK is a criminal regime. It starves its people while it sells missile technology to Iran and other rogue states. That country is not worth talking to. We should take out their nuclear reactor(s) and destroy their launching pad(s). If they invade South Korea or try to destroy Seoul with their artillery, we should bomb them into the stone age. Why are we being held hostage by a crazed regime that only wants to intimidate us?

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    It's a question of logic. China has way too much invested in it's future (trade, investments, etc.) to see NK mess things up. Also, They are not thrilled at the possibility of refugees streaming across the border into China. So, one way or another, China will likely (reluctantly, perhaps) help put a stop to NK's foolishness. China is the trump card, as it were.

    But apart from what may or may not happen, Comparatively speaking, the U.S. has very advanced weaponry systems, that the mere thought of NK attempting to start some sh*t, as it were, is just mind boggling. But then again, perhaps that ignoramus so-called leader in North Korea has nothing to lose. Insane people do crazy sh*t all the time.

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    Short answer, yes We would go to war. Technically the Korean War never ended. Lets say North Korea does manage to hit Hawaii with a missle. U.S. declares immediate war. North Korea Invades and overruns South Korea, the limited U.S. forces there wouldn't be able to mount an immediate counter attack. A war with NK would be totally different than the current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. A missle hit in Hawaii, and I hope it does not happen, would lead to North Korea suffering the same fate as the Japanese in WW2. There's zero chance of North Korea winning an all out war with the U.S without someone helping them., which is different than facing the U.S. in "containment" type of wars(first Korean war, Vietnam, Iraq, etc). Neither China nor Russia want to face the U.S. in a war, and vice versa. It would be North Korea vs U.S/South Korea. With South Korea eventually being the big winner in a unified Korean peninsula.

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    China has too much to lose by trying to defend N/K like they did back in the 50s. Imagine Chinas economy-all of the products they produce and send to America and Americas allies, there would be a instant halt to those sales. If a war would erupt i would look to see China acting as a negotiator trying to bring a cease fire as crazy as the idea of that sounds. They would have a lot to lose in this mess.

    Who would be in back of the United States? Japan, South Korea, the UK, Canada had better think about this too-if N/K develops the ability to strike the USA with missiles they certainly could hit Canada as well.

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    If the US unleashed it's full defense capability on North Korea (i.e. employed its nuclear arsenal) THERE WOULD BE NO North Korea in a matter of HOURS.

    The US could reduce N Korea to an utterly uninhabitable, burned up wasteland just by pressing buttons. (A wasteland would probably be a less evil and less tragic place than it is right now.)

    As for China, even they're embarrassed by N Korea.

    A Chinese friend described N Korea as the "Crazy Aunt that you hide in the closet because you don't want anyone to know ur related!"

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    USA, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea.

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