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yes this is a serious question. i would take my dog to a vet ASAP but dad WONT. what antibiotics use?!?

ok, so here it is again. yes people this is serious, and my dad wont pay money to see a vet, he said either he treats him the best he can or he dies. so i know his possiblility of dying is high but i want my dad to do EVERYTHING he can. i wish i there right now! i'd be by my dogs side giving him the most treatment i can.

Now please! we live on a broke a** rez that has no other facility's to take care of him. He's not bleeding anymore, just grey puss. i need to know what antibiotics to use on him and if he should be wrapped in gauge or what.

for those who havent read the previous my previous question:

my german shepard was shot, the bullet went RIGHT through him, meaning it's no longer in his body. he's walking around but slowly.

will not eat hard food, only canned food

what is everything we can do for him!

this IS a REAL question, where i live people are so rugged and do sh*t that you would not BELIEVE.

you want proof email me and i give you a freakin picture of him, his names Bear.

1.) will peroxide work to clean his wound?

2.) should we wrap him with something? gauge? cloth?

3.) names of antibiotics? i'll scream at my dad to go get them!

4.) Anything he can use at home for now? neosporin? A+D ointment?




Update 2:

closest vet is 75 miles

Update 3:

this may sound rough but "law" isnt a big deal where i live. no kidding, it's horrible, i know people who get away scott freakin free with murder!

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    I believe you.

    I'm not a vet, but I'll do my best to try and help you.

    Peroxide should work. Put in on a cloth or tissue and dab it on there pretty generously and multiple times day. If you have access to a sterile saline solution, such as contact solution (ONLY SALINE, not cleaner!) put the tip of the bottle near where it's draining and flush it out with the solution hourly. If your dog is in a clean environment (i.e. he's not living outside in dirt) it's probably best to leave in unbandaged so it drains by itself. Use triple antibiotic on it generously. It'd be beneficial if he could have an oral antibiotic. Is there any way that you or your dad could call a vet and have them call in a prescription to the drug store? If not, do what I've said. You could also boil water, wait for it to cool down a bit, put a cloth in there and DAB it on the wounds. It will help with the infection. Dogs have a natural antibiotic in their saliva, so it's good that he's licking it - don't prevent him from licking it unless he's injuring himself. Lots of animals heal from being shot, so there's hope yours will.

    BEST of luck to you!! Keep us posted on how he's doing!!!

    EDIT: There is a big possibility that some vet would be willing to arrange a payment plan or maybe work on him for free.

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  • Gee that's a bit rough. He does really need to see a vet though.

    If the bleeding has stopped then he may have been lucky enough not to have a major artery damaged. BUT there is still the chance the bullet hit a major organ!

    For now I would suggest keeping the wounds as clean as possible. Avoid peroxide, maybe use some warm water with salt. Cover the wounds in gauze to avoid infections.

    Without a proper diagnosis no one can give you names of antibiotics.

    Talk to your vet, Im sure they would rather see your dog getting better then hearing about him dying in your home. I know some vets will arrange special payment plans for people who arent that wealthy.

    If you do not take your dog to a vet then please surrender him to the Humane Society so he can get the treatment he deserves.

    Good luck and I hope you make the right decision.

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  • Robin
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    Can you report this shooting. It's against the law to shot someone elses animal if the animal is in his own yard. But to get to the wound.

    1. clean the wound with peroxide keep cleaning until the peroxide doesn't fizz anymore.

    2. use an antibiotic. If you have neosporin use that or get an antibiotic that has only one type of antibiotic in it. I'm sorry I can't remember the name but it starts with a B. Put the ointment on some gauze big enough to cover the wounds both sides then wrap gauze around the animal so the gauze wrap covers both gauze pads and holds them in place. Tape the gauze so it doesn't move.

    3. This whold routine should be done every day.

    you can clean the wound with that benidine cleanesing stuff that the doctors use. It's red.

    Keep the wound clean and covered so infection doesn't set in. please let me know how he's doing.

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  • Anonymous
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    Are you for real? Did you not listen to any of the answers on your previous question? Your dad CANNOT take care of a freaking bullet wound! Your dog NEEDS A VET! If your dad doesn't like spending money, then get rid of the internet and get your dog to a damn vet.

    You cannot BUY antibiotics, they can only be GIVEN to you BY A VET.

    And you have no idea what kind of internal injuries your dog might have.

    So I'm sorry, but seeing as your not going to look after your dog properly, and you obviously don't care about him very much, he is going to die.

    EDIT: If you cared about YOUR DOG you would GO HOME AND TAKE THE POOR THING TO A VET! Your dad cannot look after a bullet wound, how is he going to take care of the internal injuries?

    Ok this is just getting insane - if you really cared about your dog, you would be on your way home right now to take care of him. If this happened to one of my dogs, he would be at the Vet straight away, I wouldn't care if no one else wanted to take him to a vet, I wouldn't care about money, I would go hungry for a week just to make sure my dog was going to be ok.

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    To begin with this is animal neglect and abuse. You could call your local shelter or the ASPCA has a number on their web site and they can get the dog the medical help he needs.

    Antibiotic's are only with a prescription. The bullet could have cause a lot of Internal damage he really needs to see a vet or he needs to be turned over the ASPCA. I would not attempt to clean and bandage a would as bad as this one sounds. The ASPCA will come to you if you tell them you have no way there and live so far a way. I hope this helps you

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    This needs vet care.. bullet wounds are not something to treat at home.

    The only place you're going to get antibiotics at is thru your VET. You cannot get them OTC

    Neosporin and A&D are not going to help for such a deep wound.. those are intended for minor scrapes.


    So drive the dog 75 miles to the nearest vet... unless you live some remote area like Alaska tho, I highly doubt the nearest vet is that far away.

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  • Anonymous
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    I believe you.

    I already answered you: take him to a vet. Antibiotics are prescriptions you can't get without a prescription from a vet. All your other suggestions are for surface wounds. Your dog has a massive penetrating injury.

    If you don't, you could be subject to animal cruelty charges. Taking proper care of your dogs when sick or injured is part of the deal when you agree to own a dog.

    If you really can't afford it, and the vet won't give you a break, take him to the SPCA serving your county, or a nearby one, and surrender him so he can get proper care.

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    Well here is the thing most people forget to write in questions like this. YOU and YOUR DAD are breaking FEDERAL LAW by not seeking proper vet care for you're animal. You are breaking it by not reporting, while you know you're dog is in pain. You're dad could face hefty fines or even JAIL time. Why not tell that to you're dad, and see what he says.

    Attempting to do this at home could do more harm then good, considering you have no clue what you are doing.

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    The Grey puss is NOT a good sign its infected , he needs a vet and antibiotics u cant get them with out seeing a vet . it will just get worse and the dog will eventually die . Have your dad take the dog to a shelter and surrender the dog .

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  • Anonymous
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    then your father is breaking the law because just like a human he is required to get the dogs medical care. Call animal control and tell them your daddy is being a cheapskate and refuses to take the dog to the vet. They will tell him he either lays out the green or he will be cited then if that doesn't work he will be arrested, his choice.

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