In one of my earlier postings I asked a question about The Bible. In the Book of Genesis it is written that?

God created the universe and everything in it in 6 days and that on the seventh day He rested. I pointed out that scientists now say that the universe is 23 billion years old and that dinosaurs roamed the earth about 65 million years ago. Scientists say that human beings walked the earth about 4 million years ago. I asked the question which is correct? - The Bible or the scientists. A couple of the respondents at the time indicated that this was not a good question because Creationism as Written in the Book of Genesis is an allegory. So my question is this: if Creationism is an allegory did the person or persons who wrote it consider it to be an allegory? Did the people reading it shortly after it was Written consider it to be an allegory? If not - how, when and why did it become an allegory?

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    The book of Genesis was written for a primitive people. The purpose of the book was primarily to teach and reveal about the true God and His plan for us. Some scholars believe that the original stories were written separately and later put into one book. Only the the part starting with Abraham has any historical reliability. But the teaching of a moral philosophy and moral code was an accurate revelation of God's desires for us.

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    Your statements would be more accurate if you said, "SOME scientists say..."

    The "scientists" who say those things barely make up the majority of the scientific community. In 2000, only 55% of scientists believed in darwinism or the long ages. The number has been steadily decreasing since then.

    Many scientists are either ID or creationists, and some of those believe the Bible to be quite scientifically accurate.

    So it's not a battle between science and the Bible. Empirical science always aligns with the Bible. The battle is between evolution and science. Evolution is wrong, and science is right.

    BTW, about the dinosaurs. They've recently reinvestigated the place where they think the meteor struck that killed them 65 million years ago. Now they beleive that event couldn't possibly have happened how they believed nor when they believed.

    These things change all the time. Ditch evolution and stick to science.

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    The God Yahweh has written His way of explaining evolution of life on Earth in Genesis in the way He did because He knew the human race would not understand evolution and many other fields of science for many centuries to come. When Yahweh says day He means an era of modern evolution. So when He rested on the seventh day He means He stopped the course of modern evolution on the last or latest era of modern evolution which is the one we are still living through today.The six prior days are not 24 hour days but the six prior eras of modern evolution that He created the modern life forms that many still are living today. Yahweh is starting the creation story at the beginning of the first or oldest era of modern evolution and is not counting any prehistoric eras of evolution in the creation story. Yahweh used the world wide flood that is already in progress as the first day of creation starts off as ending the last prehistoric era prior to the creation story. So all this means that the dinosaurs were long extinct by the time Yahweh started the creation story and even longer by the time of the second world wide flood Yahweh uses to end an era of time occurs which is Noah's flood. So that is how the creation story started out as an allegory up until now.

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    Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." happened millions years before Genesis 1:2 which described the earth that had undergone destruction from which the 6,000 years count. It is God's nature to create everything perfect so something must have happened to the earth between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 that caused it to be destructed that the Bible is silent about. Genesis 1:2 and the following verses is in the main history concerning the creation of the Adamic race and God's dealings with it. God bless you.

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    We'll probably never know what the first hearers of that story really believed. Certainly by the time of St. Augustine it wasn't considered to be literal history for he wrote a warning against preaching that it was literal lest Christians sound like fools.

    When did other creation stories stop being taken literally by the cultures that told them? Gradually, as humans learned more about the natural world. Genesis is no different.

    Of course, fundamentalists take pride in their ignorance and believe it makes them more holy. Most will even preach that taking Genesis literally is necessary for salvation, contrary to what the New Testament says.

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    Like most things, there are flaws this scientific reasoning. This is because they can not test carbon dating on something older than 2000 years. Carbon may be constant for about 2000 years but after that it could release the carbon elements at a faster rate thus indicating false, prolonged years in dating. Also, scientists have confirmed the sequence of events that is mentioned in the Genesis account of creation.

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    I don't know about the time thing. For me, right now, it's not terribly important. What is, is the fact that He did. If Moses wrote Genesis, then everything could very well be accurate. God spoke to Moses, and not in riddles or parables. The history has been made known through one who talked with the source.

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    2 Peter 3:" But, you must not forget this one thing,dear friends. A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day." Now, back to the question, with that in mind, do we really know how long that God took to create the earth? God is correct, scientists are not correct, they are fallible, mortal men. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and He never lies.

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    First, there is a long period of time between geneses 1:1 and 1:2.And you say scientists say that man was here millions of years. How do they know? They are just assuming. And their assumptions are just that.And very few of them say that man has been here any longer than just a few thousand years.Creation is not an allegory. It is the truth. God spoke this universe into existence with faith-filled words. The dirt was already here when he made man. He formed the man's body out of dirt, and then spoke Adam alive and Adam became a speaking spirit like God. Wew are the only created beings in this material world that can speak and choose words. We create with words like God does. Since Adam through rebellion let the law of sin and death into the race of man, we now speak words that are death words. That is why death is all around us.Adam was created to live forever. But his union with satan changed that. That is why Jesus came. To die the death of Adam in exchange for giving man back eternal life. he took our death. All we have to do is exchange our death nature for eternal life in Jesus.But if ,through rebellion ,we reject life, then that is our choice and God will honor that .He will never force himself on anyone.

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    Well, I can say for certain that Genesis was interpreted in an allegorical way at least as early as the 4th century C.E. - which predates the "millions of years" theory by over 1,000 years. It obviously wasn't modern science that caused an allegorical interpretation to be used, if that's what you were hypothesizing.

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