Wife screams "wait" during sex?

She screams "wait!!" when I'm really plowing her. I never "wait", I just keep doing what I'm doing and she ends up squirting and cumming really hard. I thought this was really good but last night I was really getting her and she started tearing up (crying), she was like "oh this feels good, wait a sec, wait wait....!!" I didn't and she came and looked at me and was like "why don't you listen?" She fell asleep right after and I was really confused? What does wait mean, stop and not make her come?

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    She wants the sex to last longer! When she says "wait" you need to slow WAY down so she doesn't orgasm right away...trust me I know! It will make your "sessions" last a lot longer and have both of you wanting it more! Good luck!

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    Plowing land deep is good on ur results. It means ur plowing is up to the depth. May be she is fat or ur length is not sufficient to her. See sex is not just like that. It is the whole body and the parts of body gets in vibrated. While doing ur mouth touches the other, toungs get tasted, nose should rub each and enjoys smell and heat breath, one hand do and play on the balls and other hand covered the neck and back, stomach and brest touch and press as much as required, talking sweet things, legs spin with other, eyes feel beauty face, mind impress and activate nurves and other parts to temper nurves to feel. The end is so beautiful scrach inside let the drops occure and the emotions drop slowly. When U plow inside it must touch her bottem pot and scrach, I think she the scraching. So plow deep. otherwise no use of doing it. whenever she say wait u wait and understand press ur thing deep and enjoy.


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    The type of female orgasm that you describe is frequently preceded by a very strong feeling that feels exactly like the urge to urinate and she may have suddenly gotten worried that was going to happen. She may have needed a more gradual build up to feel comfortable or she just wanted it to last longer...either way, you're a very inconsiderate lover to have not listened no matter what her reasons were. Would you ignored her if she had asked you to STOP? Maybe something you were doing was causing her pain...did you ever stop to think about that?

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    Ok dummy. It means she was really enjoying it and wanted to prolong the sensation of "being on the edge". In all your wild "plowing" I'm sure it never crossed your mind to prolong the enjoyment for a while until you both had to reach for release. Lovemaking is way different than "plowing". Tell your wife that I know the meaning of "wait" and can hold out as long as she wants.

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    First of all Mister Big Di<k, it's (***) Not (come) OK!! And what's the purpose of this question? Sounds like to me you're bragging and wants the whole world to know about your "brief" encounters with your wife. Sounds like you're really young so here's some advice from mature woman. " A REAL DOESN'T BRAG BECAUSE IF YOU'RE REALLY THAT GOOD, YOUR WIFE WOULD BE HERE BRAGGING INSTEAD OF YOU.

    PS. why discuss Intimate moments on the internet? Grow Up!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ooookk..Wow this was described very well. From what you put, seems like that wait means keep going!! U go boy!! lol..

  • 1 decade ago

    It means she wasn't ready for the thrust.

    Nice going, genius. You must feel proud.

  • Lacey
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    why not just ask her. People on yahoo do not know.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ask her the question and ask her why?

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