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Fit people; what do you think when you see overweight people at the gym?

I have about 25 lbs to lose, so I just joined a gym. I'm going to go about three times a week. I feel very self conscious, like the fit people are thinking, "Look at that fat girl!" Is that true? Or, are they thinking, "Wow, she's really trying." Also, if you were at the gym and an overweight person complimented you and asked you for advice (like what machines you used), would you help them out? Thanks!

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    hey Christi! well done on joining the gym - you will be addicted in no time!

    trust me hun, no one will be thinking 'look at that fat girl'!! honestly! gymmers have a respect for each other - the only people at they gym that i do wonder why they are there are the ones that take a book or a newspaper and read whilst on the treadmill/cross trainer/bike etc!! you have paid good money, given up your time so make sure you make use of it and work hard while you are there!!

    And definitely ask people for advice, its a great form of flattery for them and a good way getting to know people too.

    have you thought about going to classes - a bit daunting at first but you will get to know people and have an absolute blast!

    I went to the gym for about a year before i started going to any classes, and i found they gym a bit boring and just hard to motivate myself. in classes u just find yourself keeping up with everyone else and the time flies!

    I love gymming! I go almost every day. on a busy week when i dont get gym in I do about 10-12 hours a week, but usually 15-20 hours a week and when on hyper drive i aim for 25+ hours a week!!

    feel free to drop me a message about gymming - I know how self conscious you get when you first join.. I hated going in and not being sure of what to do and how the machines worked etc. but honestly, no one is looking at you, they are too busy getting on with their own workout, but that doesnt mean they dont have time to answer your questions!

    good luck hun!


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    I used to be 240 lbs and I'm now about 165-175 depending on my stress levels. I worked my butt off at the gym and, to be honest...I haven't ever been one of the super fit people working out but I did see a lot of overweight people working out (when I wasn't one of them, and when I was).

    First of all, 25lbs isn't obese and if people are going to judge you, you'll get it from a lot of angles. The extremely fit person might be thinking "Why don't they work this area so they'll be more fit?" Not, wow they're hideously fat and its disgusting wtf are they doing here?. The average person is probably thinking "Thank God there's someone here close to me, I don't feel so self conscious!" and then the obese person is thinking "I'm on my way to being that small! I would LOVE to be there!"

    most of the time when I'm working out I'm thinking FRICK THAT HURTS! or I wonder if my face is all red now? Do I have a sweat line on my butt? I wonder what my butt looks like from the back perspective when I'm workin' this stair stepper! Cute guy /flex breathe, breathe, ok he's gone. 12 more minutes, and to think a month ago I hurt myself trying to figure out how to use this machine! checkin' the heart rate, checkin' the heart rate...aww slacking! pick it up, lets move. look at that girl running over there, she's been running like mad crazy for a half hour, I'd have died by now. I wonder if she's in track? And honestly, if I see a heavy person I want to go over and hi 5 them because I was there and they're doing something for their health. Its awesome. I never do because I am extremely self-conscious and in my mind, what if they're thinking I'm judging them thinking they shouldn't be in a gym so I just mind my business.

    /Ramble. Hope that helps.

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    Anybody I see at the gym I feel great for them. What goes through my mind is "Great! People who wanna be healthy!"

    Don't feel self conscious, most gym goers are either too concentrated on what they're doing or really positive about others working out. I would say that people will help you out if you ask them.

    There is of course the occassional Barbie girl who is just not worth the worry. I wouldn't let a little dumb girl get be down.

    You go girl! And I'm sure people at the gym would cheer you up need be!

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    I would say WOW look at her trying! If your self concious just workout at home here are some things that will help you. Well it helps me!!

    Diets are stupid i hate them! You should just eat anything you want. But only drink water. Nothing else but water. It speeds up your metabolism and drains the body of all the bad calories of the food you eat. i eat anything and nothing but grease ha but i weigh 120 it works a swear.

    the workout below will flatten and tone your body as well!!

    Well you should do 3 different types of crunches.

    1. The regular crunch w/ ur hands behind your head. Do as many as you can no more that 30 once a day.

    2. Lay on your back like a normal crunch but spread your feet a little far a part and put your hands together when you go up for a crunch have your hands together and go up right above your knees when u crunch up. do as many as you can no more that 30- once a day.

    3. Lay on your back like regular crunch and have your feet up off the ground just up to where they come straight up with your knees. like your sitting in a chair laying on the floor. Do as many of theses *** u can no more that 30 once a day.

    They really flatten your stomach and fast do them like 4 times a week

    And you should like 30 jumping jacks b4 it gets the heart pumping and warms up the body so the crunches are easier.

    If you have a bike you should ride your bike like 4 times a day as well this will tone up your body super fast. Do like a mile though. It will be hard at first if your not use to working out but it will get easier. You should really try the crunches, jumping jacks, and bike! Im 17 and have a good body cause of this workout.

    If you dont have a bike then swimming is just as good. Do as many laps as you can no more that like 30 1 a day 4 times a week!

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    If I see an overweight person at my gym, I can't help but feel proud of them because they're taking control of their weight and their life. It's really wonderful to see people who care about themselves.

    If someone approached me to ask for advice, I would gladly try to help them.

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    eating too plenty and dealing out little, and protecting an risky physique point out an irresponsible man or woman. no longer basically my view, I unquestionably have heard many influential and frequently happening and clever human beings say the comparable. A responsible ideas has a greater healthful physique. So paintings out for the appropriate.

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    I respect them for trying to get in shape and making an effort, just as I would anybody else in a gym.

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    I agree with Daníelle F

    Best wishes from Germany <3

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    I would think - "Good for her - she's trying to get in shape." and why wouldn't you offer advice - although if you feel that they should not attempt the exercise - I would refer them to the on-site trainer. After all - that is their job - and they should be proficient on the use of the machines.

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    Uh?!? What difference does it make what someone thinks about you? You are there for you. Concentrate on being healthy and not on what other people think. You are doing such an awesome job. Best of luck!

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