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Is Top Gun a guy flick or not?

My mom likes the movie Top Gun, and I think it's kind of a guy flick. Am I wrong, or do women like it just as much as men? Thanks!

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    It has elements that makes it both a guy movie and a chick flick.

    It has planes. It has stuff blowing up. It has flying. It has rivalry. Oh, and did I mention stuff blowing up? A lot of action... and lots of machismo.

    It has a romance story. It has Tom Cruise. It has Val Kilmer. It has kissing. Did I mention Tom Cruise? Oh, and Anthony Edwards dies (tear jerker part of the movie). Wasn't there a shower scene?

    So yeah, it has plenty of things for both genders to like. It's one of my 25 favorite movies.

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    Tough call! I would have to go with Dirty Dancing, although I do like Top Gun, too! Dirty Dancing is the ultimate chick flick. Patrick Swayze, awesome dancing, good music, and "nobody puts baby in the corner". Ahhh.... Top Gun is great, too. But mostly because it has a macho edge so guys can enjoy it as well. Plus "Take My Breath Away" will forever reign as one of the best love songs of all time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anything with that midget ****** Tom Cruise in it is not a guy flick.

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    It was one of the first chick flix that guys liked also.

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  • Anonymous
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    i really liked it. there is some romance too.

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