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ok so like at first im shy yea so then i get comfortable.. then i ask u out..

then it takes time for me to get to kiss her and so on..

im 15 and most girls like say there the man in the relationship cause i dont wanna take advantage of them on the first date..

i respect them and it seems like its a turn off to them... why is this?

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    Because girls are so insecure they think that if you're not trying to have sex with them then you don't really want that.

    But a girl WITH self-respect will really appreciate they way you look at things. It's all about the right girl, and girls these days with self-respect are hard to find, but totally worth the search.

    You are on the right track, stick with your gut in this one. If a girl gives you sh*t about it, she's probably already done a number of things with different guys and you wouldn't want her anyway.

    Being shy usually comes from lack of experience, if a girl is ridiculously enthusiastic about having sex, she's probably done it. Don't give your virginity to someone that's not a virgin - it will leave you feeling ripped off.

    Wait for a really special girl, and she'll make you glad that you did.

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    It varies from guy to guy, no universal answer is out there for how to approach a budding relationship. Personally I'm an absolute romantic and tend to be very philosophical in my interactions with a woman that I like. I'm in no rush to jump in I want to get a feel for her, her mentality, her likes and dislikes, her interests, aspirations, attitude, reciprocation of emotions, etc. As best as possible I want to know that we stand a good chance of getting along should we take the next step. I'm not one for casual flings and lusting after every sweet scent and swaying hips, that creates too many problems in the long run, plus it feels pretty empty when you go down that route. So in summary, yes, I take things slow and want to get to know her on a deeper level if I'm feeling her romantically. I never let the looks get the best of me, there is more to the relationship being successful in the long term if you know more about her before pairing up. Hope I helped you to garner some insight into at least one guy's perspective on romance.

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    unfortunately girls like it fast. most girls prepare to move fast on the first date so when you don't do that it makes them feel like there is something wrong. plus they might be in the mood so if they don't get what they want then it is a turn off, so maybe your first date should be at a place that they will less likely be able to misinterpret and just have fun like you then if your ready the next date you can move things further.

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    some girls like it slow, it lasts longer, or it's they like it fast, usually thos are the kind that just want to get into bed as quick as they can....

    I'd say slow is better...but not TOO slow as she may think it isn't going anywhere. here's a tip, be a bit romantic with it, if your shy with kissing a girl and she want's you to kiss her now, just tell her that this moment isn't special enough for her. and just kiss her on the cheek for now. then when your ready, kiss her, but make sure it's special since you said it would be special right lol.

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    I think it's really sweet that you respect them. I personally like a guy who takes it slow, i think it's really sweet. mean while one of my friends can't stand that stuff and when a guy goes slow she thinks he just wants to be friends. so maybe the other girls are processing it as a gesture of kindness.

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    I like guys like that. Maybe that's just me, but I'd much rather have a guy like you than some of those other guys . . . . . . . . . yeah.

    But seriously. That's what I would much rather have. You just need to find better s.

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    because they are shallow horney snobs. i like guys like that, yall are really hard 2 find, so yea they're stupid, dont waist ur time. hope this helps some (: good luck

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    dude take full advantage they seem to like that..Trust me.

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    ugh no

    i hate it when guys go too slow


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