Why does everyone insist that christians think the earth is 6,000 years old?

A day is like a thousand years to the Lord. 2 Peter 3:8

This leads me to believe that even though (according to some) the bible is nothing but a bunch of fairy tales. It seems that there may have been an understanding of relativity. E=mc2 type of stuff. Time is relative.

For the sake of argument, say heaven is 60 billion light years away. I don't know I'm making up a number.

How can we determine that the earth isn't 6000 years old, if a day is only relative to where God is?

I'm a christian, and I know some don't like christians but I welcome your opinion as long as it is respectful.


Mr. Puma - I see it all the time on this section where libs, atheist whatever always ask why do republicans/conservative only think the earth is only 6000 yrs old. I just thought I would address it and be the one asking the question for once.

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    Actually, it would be more than 6,000 yrs anyways. At the beginning of day one God created the earth. Then God took the rest of the week to make everything else and one day to rest. That already puts us up to 7,000 years. Then we have one more set of 6 days (6,000 yrs) till the next day of rest (1,000 yrs) when Jesus sits on the throne. The first day was Adam, 2nd day Noah, 3rd day Moses, 4th day David, 5th day Christ, 6th day church. We are coming really close to the end. People who do not read the Bible are missing all of the signs. I am very much a Christian. I have read the Bible and therefore know what is coming. Did you know the United States is in the Bible? Most people do not. I could explain it further and in better detail but I do not believe I have the room here.

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    I'm conservative and I think the Earth is billions of years old,as is the universe.We see galaxies about 15 billion light years away because the light they give off expands out and has taken that long to reach us.There is considerable evidence consistent with Mother Earth being billions of years old.I support Big Bang and some aspects of Evolution.Guess what else I'm a Christian!? Shocker to must after reading that? Huh? You can't base a how old the planet is by calculating ages in the Bible.The Bible was written between 2500-1500 years ago.I'm pretty philosophical for a Christian,the universe is a huge place and for all we know life unknown to us could exist from the same God.I think we actually might be the billionth generation of similar people.I can safely say that no human and dinosaur roamed he land together.The same God has always existed,so this Bible might be our Bible,and the next generation could have one very similar.Why would he create a new Earth?There has to be something on it.Water and bacteria would have to exist,the simple forms of life. The Gregorian Calendar which most of the world uses today emerged in the 1500s.Also the 24 hour day was not discovered until about the 11th century. Time is endless,with no beginning and no end,but it has never truly been monitored accurately. Sorry if I was too philosophical,but I'm in my third year of philosophy (not a major though).

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    Just for the sake of argument (which is always a worthwhile pursuit), the entire concept of the earth being 6000 years old is based on one human's ciphering...James Ussher... and was based only on what had been written down.


    As for heaven being in outer space...inconvenient. Why keep souls, which are invisible, clear out there.

    As for time being relative...time and space are intertwined. Therefore in astronomical terms, when you look at the closest star, Alpha Centauri, you are actually seeing the light that left there about 4 1/2 years ago...therefore you are looking back through time.

    Time-space is freaky. Check out frame dragging.


    Back to the earth being 6000 years old...Ussher was a scientist of his era. He did his best to figure it out using everything available to him...and he came up with 6000 years.

    Scientists of our time have done the same thing and come up with a different answer. But some people will insist that the older the book...the more scientifically sound it is.

    These people are simply dogmatists who want the world to stay the same for ever.

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    In a way, you are right. The bible is a bunch of fairy tales.,

    Don't forget, when much of it was written, there were no camcorders or video recorders or cameras, few people could read or write, and much of it was passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.And there were no word processors or computers. It had to be written by those who could write, painstakingly, on paper witht he most primative of writing instruments. BiC pens hadn;t been invented yet,

    With this in mind, how much scientific accuracy can you really expect.?

    Even from the beginning, there are discrepancies. If God is almighty, why does he need to rest? Snakes that talk to humans?

    And the least of my worries and concerns is how old the earth is.

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    It's almost always a false analogy for those who dislike Christians. The way to pick on Christians for most groups is to say things like "Christians are mostly Bigots because the all hate gays" or Christians are scientifically ignorant because the all think the Earth is only 6,000 years old. I myself am a Christian but I would never believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and I support Gay Rights.

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    It's because there's the fringe group of Christians that refuse to believe in evolution, believe that the story of the Garden of Eden is true (as in we were around at the same time of the dinosuars), and that carbon dating and the like are easily falsified.

    As a Christian, I know not all people think this way, but it's the fringe group that gets the attention.

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    Because some Christians do believe that Earth is only 6,000 years old, and lots of people tend to generalize. It's sort of the same as some people saying that conservatives want to watch children die of starvation and other say that liberals all want to have abortions and kill fetuses.

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    I know!!! I hate that. The thing is, some guy (I should remember his name from class, but I don't) in the 1600s went and traced all of the "so and so begat so and so" from the bible and estimated that Adam and Eve lived 6000 years before them. Back then they believed it, but ever since then people somehow think Christians buy into this notion.

  • I think its billions of years old

    It it were only 6,000 years old, then thats way too quick for any type of evolving to take place, considering that we are no different from men that exsisted 2000-3000 years ago. And then how you you explain the dinosaurs, which it takes a while for each bone to mummify. And then take into account, the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, the world flood, the ice age the seperation of the contenents.....that takes a great period of time to occur.

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    to be honest with you christians wouldnt think its 6000 years old more around 4000..dont know where you are getting your facts..but i know this..almost 2000 years ago jesus died on the cross for all of us...i also know this when the world flooded when noah built the ark..the entire world was where they were...so if you look at it scientifically...as well as religiously they both can coexist...things were measured different..but because someone believes one way and another believes another..who am i to say who is wrong or right..because i know i wasnt alive back then..were you

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