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Should i take universal animal m-stak?

im 15 and i am a very keen bodybuilder. I have taken many supplements over the course of 1 and a half years. For example optimum 100% whey and casien, bsn n.o xplode just to name a few. I have had plenty of sucess with them, however im looking to try something else to maximise gains. Im a very big fan of animalpak and really want to give m-stak a go. But is it safe enough for me to take at this age. It does not contain tribulus like animal stak. Im not looking to take tribulus untill im about 18 years old. Im just wondering what a few other people think. Thanks..

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    I took M-Stak before. Although I di not agree with under 18 year olds taking supplements other than protein, M-Stak is a very safe supplement. Universal Nutrition created this supplement as a safer alternative to Animal Stak.

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    Animal Mstack

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    Leave it to the animals !!!

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