I have an inflamed cervix what does this mean??

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Hi, I have been having a very abnormal month.. Strange bleeding from vagina and abnormal discharge... I went to the doctor and had a pap smear and ultrasound. I had blood on the end ...show more
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  • izzy answered 5 years ago
Inflammation often results in mildly abnormal Pap tests. These may result in the diagnosis of CIN I in the CIN grading system, ASCUS in the Bethesda System or changes consistent with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. An inflamed cervix may appear red, irritated, or eroded. Some of the common causes of cervical inflammation are:
1. bacteria (from an infection)
2. viruses, especially herpes infections and condyloma cuminata (warts)
3. yeast or monilia infections
4. trichomonas infections
5. pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion
6. chemicals (for example, medications)
7. hormonal changes
8. allergy
9. Cervicitis can also be caused by birth control devices such as a cervical cap or diaphragm, or chemical exposure.

When the inflammation is treated and cleared, repair through metaplasia (Metaplasia is generally described as a process of cell growth or cell repair which is benign) usually will follow. In several months, a repeat Pap test will often then be normal.

Successful treatment of cervicitis begins with proper identification of the cause. If some irritant is causing the cervicitis, your doctor will remove it or advise you to avoid it. If the cause is an infection, your doctor will attempt to diagnose the responsible organism.

The last paragraph sums it up really, until the cause of your cervicitis is identified it is difficult to tell you what, if anything, you should avoid.

There is quite a bit of information on cervicitis online, more than if you had typed in inflamed cervix I think.

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Thank you alot for your detailed answer and help... I did find this answer online.. But the first paragraph is very technical and didnt make much sence to me.. I just wanted someone to tell about their case or to dumb it down for me lol .... I guess what its saying is it could be an STI??
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