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How are Egyptian boys/men in general?

Last time I went to Egypt the boys were really nice & funny.

but then someone told me to never date Egyptian men!

So, how are they in general? Especially the younger ones?

Will they end up marrying a girl their family chooses?

Thanks for any insight or opinions!


WOW, why so much negativity??

Most of the egyptian guys I've met have been very nice!

Update 2:

The only things i am worried about is the difference in religion/culture.

Also, I'm kind of sad to hear they don't approve of me having other male friends!

I usually hang out with guys & i have a lot of male friends, hopefully i will find one to make an exception!

Update 3:

Thanks everyone for all the info! (:

Vero, the article was funny

I loved it and i hope most of it is true!

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    ok I like your question, am not sure who warned you but my mom said the same thing, I am american and live here in egypt so I understand where you are coming from and how you can't understand why you can't have men for friends I will explain that later it has to do with religion and egyptian men have hot hot hot blood! but 1st I was like you and had many freedoms and many men as friends and honestly I didn't think of them in any other way I took them as family not for love and sometime its easier to get along with men yes? I was married before to an egyptian so this is my 2cnd attempt the 1st tried to get me to be submissive to him and all I did was rebel and did what I wanted cuz he din't take care of me,I went back to the usa for 1 year and returned and through a male friend here he introdueced me to his friend we eneded up hiting it off after 7 months got married but at 1st he wasn't jelous he was nice and let me talk to the friend that introduced us but after sumtime he got soo crazy jelous he told me I had to choose him or this friend soo I was sad but I wanted to start my life so I choose him he made me give up all my male friends and change my number and even today if i get a call from a wrong number he's convinced I did sumthing wrong so I have to try not to do things that upset him, also I hate to say but sumtimes when he goes to work I call my friends he doesn't know about but not more cuz if he knew he'd leave me and I think to myself it's just not worth the stress also their are good and bad points but he will take care of you and if married he must provide a home and all things for you and spend on you, its in the quran, also he is very romantic but very VERY jelous and won't tolerate you speaking to any man only your family you must be totaly submissive and cant leave the home unless you aks him I know thats sounds crazy to you but he will fight for you and defend you and open doors for you and take your arm and stand in front of you in traffic to sheild you and my husband went to a mountain and sprayed i love you ruby and made me a movie , he brings me presents home all the time and takes care of me and takes me out so with all the bad theirs alot of good he buys all things for me and clothes and brings me flowers , it was a big adjustment to the life I was use to in usa but sometimes I get sad and I worry like today I did a small thing and he got angry and wouldn't kiss me goodbye and now tonight i bet he won't talk to me am sure ,so I think you must decide if this is what you want I was born christian but am muslim now and the more i studyied quran the more I understand the man is the head of the house and must provde all things but becuase of that the women must listen to him, another good thing he wont cheat on you like in wetsern men so you must weigh out what you makes you happy and what sacrafces you can make as part of your culture in the end only you can decide, would I make the same decision again am not sure I love him but it can be soo hard sumtimes but thats life I hope the best for you and you can email me anytime if you need any more help. tc ry If you go to it will answer more of your questions just type in what you want to ask and you can select from their. I wish you all the best I know some of what I said seems extreme but I have good days and bad like any marriage and just pray things will get better in the future inshallah !

    Source(s): p.s. islam-qa will tell you why you cant speak to men....I hope all this helps you.....
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    Egyptian Boys

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    Hot Egyptian Men

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    I think Rebeka told you many useful and true things.

    Egyptians in general are good lovers but you have to understand the culture and mentality and you have to know it's a different culture. You'll not be able to live the same way you knew in other places even if your spouse loved you that much.

    As an Egyptian man I should stress only in 2 points.

    1- It's true that Egyptian men are very good lovers, but some of those men is using this in the wrong way. Most of the bad cases by people who use to offer you services in Tourism or sellers. That means you have to select your friends out of that field otherwise you are doing business [some fun for money]

    2- Although Egyptian men are very good, they have other points that may be seem to be different to your life. It's one package, you can't select their love and ignore their rules. The more you try to break the rules, the more problems grow bigger till the end of the tragedy.

    Many western women are married and living a happy family life in Egypt and can accept many life problems simply for what they get in their new life.

    All the negative comments are coming from people who either jealous or they don't know anything about Egyptian men. They just listen to the corrupted media that shows all Arab and Muslim men like dull old men living in the desert and ride camels.

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    Well when I went to Egypt and lived there for 6 years the only thing that I didn't like there was this topic to be honest. I really loved every thing else in Egypt but not this one. Almost every day the Egyptian teenage boys used to go make fun of me. Now if u mean like they always flirt with women that I am going to tell u. They were some that used to flirt a lot with my mom, and some were even married! Some asked for sex and the rest is inappropriate! But I would tell u to just ignore them they won't touch u or do any thing to u maximum is just talking/flirting/making fun of. So go there and have fun. Good luck!

    Source(s): American that lived 6 years in Egypt with my mom
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    This Site Might Help You.


    How are Egyptian boys/men in general?

    Last time I went to Egypt the boys were really nice & funny.

    but then someone told me to never date Egyptian men!

    So, how are they in general? Especially the younger ones?

    Will they end up marrying a girl their family chooses?

    Thanks for any insight or opinions!

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    Egyptian man 22 here, Anyways, Yeah we're kinda the jealous type but always for a good reason, We cherish our women, hot blooded but yeah always protective , romantic

    2- It doesn't really matter as long as you two get along it should go fine I'm engaged to an Australian girl over 2 years now we're doing pretty good, willing to get married by the end of this year as soon as I'm done with my commerce college, I'm not saying that families here won't ask you to marry from Egypt they will oh they will ask more than thousand times but the difference is they're just asking not forcing you..Men here suppose to be the core of the family, They just don't wanna lose the one who they raised over the years for someone they barley know, but as soon as they got to know her, they know she's a wife martial they gonna rush you to marry her, the thing here is mostly parents aren't secured about western culture and traditions so they have to do the background check if she's all clear she's good to go lol I'm telling you my mom was inspecting my girlfriend untill she gave me the thump up either ways I was gonna marry her anyway :p

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    The Egyptian Boys are similar to any boys in the world , they love and enjoy their live.

    Each country has its special culture but that not mean to be closed for interchange with other culture

    In Egypt you will find more than 4% of the population married from foreigners

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    I will not say much , but , i will describe ourselves as Egyptian men in a few words :

    yes we re crazy jealous , we do have very hot blood for our women , and let me give it to you in the most simple and obvious way we as men think of , if you are my woman , then you are untouchable .

    Meaning if you were in a relationship with an Egyptian man and he wasn t jealous , be sure darling that he is using you to help an agenda or for sex purpose and DOES NOT have any feeling for you .

    we would literally kill for our women . If this is not obvious to you .. then he does not love you at all or even care for you .

    besides from that , men in Egypt are easily convinced once you knew the key , (make them feel they are in control all the time ) even if you wanted to do something he doesn t , make it seems like its his idea and your e just submitting , he will treat you like a Queen .

    Source(s): Egyptian 22 Y.O. Male
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    With my limited experience of Egyptian men by way of being involved in my friends family, I have found them to be most respectful of women who respect themselves.

    If you maintain your morales and ensure that you consider their culture, customs and beliefs they will treat you well. However, it will be limited as you are unlikely to be alone with an egyptian man unless you are his wife/mother etc.

    You are more likely to be chaperoned on all occasions if he respects you and wishes to progress the relationship.

    My friend whom I have known since birth, married an Egyptian man over 4 years ago and she has never been happier. She has given up a lot in order for this to work, but she feels that her family are the most important thing in her life now. She is treated well by her husband, and always sounds happy when we speak and meet.

    It all depends what you want in life I suppose...good luck as life is what you make it!

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