Im 14. Can i oral sex and mutual masturbation with my 16 year old boyfriend?

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I am a 14 year old girl and my boy friend is 16.. Is it illegal for us to have oral sex and mutual masturbation? Will he go to jail if he fingers me or i give him head? We have been more
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Aus and NZ laws are similar. You are perfectly fine to kiss in public.

The sexual stuff you have mentioned can be deemed illegal as you are underage.

Legal age to have sexual contact is 16 in both our countries… your 14!

He could be seen as a child predator and be done for a raft of offensive one being statutory rape regardless of you wanting to or not.

Your 14! Be a 14 year old and don’t grow up too fast…

All the best.
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  • Sandi answered 5 years ago
    I think you are far too young to go past kissing. You should also know that you can contract STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) through having oral sex. Hang onto and enjoy being a young girl for a few more years and don't let anyone talk you into anything you don't want to do.
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  • Linda answered 5 years ago
    It's legal, but fingers are dirty and might give you an infection. Why can't you just hump with your clothes on and save yourself until you are least 16. You don't give yourself to boys that young, wait until your older. Hell, why not move out, get your own house, work and start having kids and driving cars and paying bills. If you want to be a grown up, take some responsibilities along with it. Don't break your mother heart and give your dad a heart attack, they would be so disappointed.
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  • answered 5 years ago
    Honestly; its your life and you do what YOU want. No he wont go to jail :) If you both love eachother then no he wouldnt; if you've found a guy that likes giving a girl oral then your really lucky :(

    Your allowed to do all them things even kissing :P

    Dont worry! Its all legal :)
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  • red ツ answered 5 years ago
    kissing in public is legal. duh.
    do whatever you want, it's your body.
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  • *Boredy answered 5 years ago
    I wouldnt suggest it.
    Are you sure you are 14?
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  • Layla T answered 5 years ago
    well if no one finds out then your not going to jail...
    but i wouldnt have sex at such a young age..
    & if you feel up to it then thats your decison.
    im not gona tell you not to .
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  • JUNNBUG answered 5 years ago
    IAM 13 id stick to suking and liking
    no preg.. that way.
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  • berrettifer answered 5 years ago
    I would just go ahead and try all of those things and just see what happens. I'm sure you'll be fine. Also, anal sex isn't really sex, so have at it.

    p.s.- mutual masturbation is THE BEST!
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