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Viagra problem, my thing won't go down?


I'm having a little bit of a problem trying to get it (you know where) down. It all happened lastnight at my friends party. I was in my friends parents bedroom with my GF (he doesn't know this) and for some weird reason my "thing" wouldn't come up (even after seeing my GF naked) I went to the bathroom to look for something to make my wand rise so i found this purple cap that says VIAGRA, so I took it. But then my GF had to get home ( no sex :0( ) when I dropped her off i realized my wand was still up high like a flagpole. But now it's 12:00 and it's STILL UP. I tried everything to make it go down (smacked it, rubbed it, iced it, and put butter on friend suggested that)

So my question here is HOW DO I GET IT DOWN.




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    lie on your stomach and cut a hole in a table where it fits thru, if done correctly it should point downwards. HOPE THIS HELPS

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    Go to the doctor. If you were on drugs, pills, weed, anything, it may have caused the problem in the first place. If not, it may be a problem with the blood vessels, but either way, when you are hard for that long, it risks causing permanent damage to your dong, the vessels, muscle, tissue, can possibly be damaged. Go to the ER NOW. They may have to drain it, which is painful from what i've heard, but at least it will still work. Good luck man

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    It may not have been Viagra that you took. They are little blue pills. If an erection lasts for more than 4 hours - go to the E. R. Embarrassment is NOT FATAL. That's what happens to smart guys that think they know everything.

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    Get to an emergency room immediately. You have a priapism and not getting the blood drained will result in gangrene and the necessity of amputation. This is not a joke. If you don't believe me you can risk loosing your dick and look up priapism or Viagra's warning label online.

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    Go see a doctor as the ad says. If you would have "got lucky" you could have sent the makers of Viagra a thank-you note. LOL

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    Either wait, and maybe try and stop thinking about it. See a movie? Or you could just jack off and see if that helps.

    If it's up for more than three hours, find some medical help pronto before you get Priapism.

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    how long have you had your erection for?

    If you have an erection for more than 4 hours, go see doctor / ER immediately!

    If not, you may cause long-term injury to your penis and the worst thing that can happen is the blood in your penis will clot and undergo necrosis

    Source(s): student
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    ok this happend yesterday?

    im sorry,

    but that is a bit long.

    and im sure you alredy know that haha!

    try thinking of something that would gross you out like your mother naked or even your DAD!!!

    if not look up something discusting..

    andd to tell you the truth putting butter on it is just going to make it worse..


    making it worse..

    iced it..


    probally helped but not enough for you to notice..

    i hope it goes away soon.

    you wouldnt want to have someone see you in this condition.

    : )

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  • 4 years ago

    Funny! 100!

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  • Anonymous
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    Uh... you might want to go to a doctor. If not either more ice or get someone, maybe your friend, to kick it.

    I personally would much rather go to the doctor or ice it.

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  • 1 decade ago


    All that and you didn't get any sex?

    That sucks.

    But you should masturbate. If it last longer than 4 hours, see a doctor (like the comm says).

    Good luck.

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