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how long does semen dry/ sperm die ?

if you leave wet semen on the toilet near the opening and around the edges by accident can a women get pregnant. does it start dieing when it hits the air not imediatly maybe like in ten minutes im worried

can someone give me a website/ URL on where i can ask questions on this very topic and get REAL EXPERT ADVICE

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    I'd hoped to give you a particular URL but I can't find it... but I've looked into this before and will tell you that you have nothing to worry about. I'm assuming you masturbated in the bathroom and are worried about a female member of your family, or perhaps this was in a public washroom...

    First, how fast do the sperm in the semen die? The semen protects and nurtures the sperm cells. Yet the semen dries and the sperm slow down and then die, usually within a few minutes at the outside. "Within"? How fast they dry & die depends on temperature and on humidity.

    After a few minutes, you'd usually be hard pressed to find any sperm alive, under a microscope. 10 minutes? Pretty much impossible.

    Now, to worry about pregnancy resulting. No, there is no way. First, there aren't going to be enough viable ("living") sperm left in the semen after a very short time, even if a few stragglers survived for a few minutes. And then the sperm cells still need to get into the vagina.

    When a large amount of semen ( a regular amount from ejaculation) gets near or on the vaginal opening, there is a *very small chance* that a few of the little devils can get into the opening and make it up the vagina and eventually meet an egg...IF an egg is present at the time and in the right spot. This very small chance is *only going to come about if there is heavy sexual activity*. In the circumstances you describe, the sperm are not going to get anywhere near the vaginal opening and definitely not going to result in pregnancy.

    Relax and clean up after yourself next time!

    Source(s): has lots of info on contraception but doesn't answer your question specifically
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    Sperm can final for as much as 3 days. If sperm touches the vaginal commencing up or is going in or close to it you're able to desire to become pregnant. To get genuine expert suggestion you're able to talk on your scientific expert.

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    it is very possible if its not dried

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