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My labrador Puppy howls like a Wolf at night. Is this normal and how do I get her to stop howling?

I have a yellow labrador puppy. She is nearly 6 months old. We have a crate for her which is in the lounge. We put her in there at night to sleep. The problem is that as soon as i leave the room and try and go up stairs to go to sleep she starts howling very loud like a wolf. And won't stop until you go down. I have tried leaving her but she just wont stop and the neighbours start complaining as the howling is so loud and we live in a terrace house with neighbours both sides. I have tried not putting her in crate and she does the same thing. I have also tried taking her up stairs to sleep in mine and my husbands bedroom as I thought she might be doing it because she is lonely. But firstly she is terrified of the stairs so we have to carry her up and she is heavy and secondly it makes no difference any way. As soon as we go to sleep she starts howling. The only way she doesn't howl is if I stay down stairs with her and she is in her crate and I sleep on sofa. I am getting fed up with this though and don't want to sleep on sofa for ever. I want my life back and want to be able to sleep in same bed as my husband. Does any one know of any way I can stop her from howling or what could be causing her to howl. I did think of getting a second puppy as a friend for her but we really don't have the space for a second puppy really. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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    When you first left her alone and she howled did you go to her or just leave her to howl? If you went to her then she is expecting a reaction and knows the howling gets attention. It may be a case of warning the neoghbours your dog may howl for a few nights but in the long run it's worth it.

    Try putting in a filled kong with treats or things to chew at night, a ticking clock or a radio on low helps. try leaving a light on nearby to let some light in the room.

    My puppy howls and whines for 25 mins everynight when we out him downstairs but I ignore him and he stops for the whole night then.

    To add to my comment earlier, tonight is the first night my puppy hasn't whined and howled at all, it has taken 9 days but he has finally the message I hope!lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    I know just how you feel.

    I had the same trouble with my last dog, and the one I have now.

    I think you're right about the reason she is doing this. She wants to be near you. You're obviously a great mom. That's what it's all about. She wants to have you within sight all the time. Dogs are pack animals and like to sleep with that special member of their pack.

    There really is only one way to stop this happening, and don't worry, it doesn't involve filling the house with 101 labradors :). It sounds simple, but believe me, it's a tough thing for you to do when your mommy heart strings are being pulled by this heavy little bundle.

    You need to let her howl for a few nights on the trot. I know your neighbours and you and hubby will not get much sleep for that time, but it will work in just a few nights if you stick at it.

    Give her the same bedtime routine every night. Put her to bed at exactly the same time. Say night night to her. Cover her crate with a blanket. Turn out the light and don't look back! Do not under any circumstances come downstairs when she howls. Use ear plugs or listen to your mp3s, anything, but just tolerate that howling without giving her any kind of attention for doing it. If you lapse just once because you're worried about the neighbours' complaining, she will take that as a message that if she howls for two nights in a row, you will come running. So never go down to her while she is howling.

    You'll be surprised at how soon she learns to sleep in her little crate till morning.

    The one thing you have on your side is that she's still a puppy, and puppies are very adaptable. She will learn, believe me. But she is depending on you, as leader of her pack, to show her what is expected of her at night time.

    And I hope you will be enjoying some peaceful sleep in a nice comfortable bed again soon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try taking her in your room but leave her in her crate while she is in the room also put her in a position where she can see you as she does when you sleep on the couch down stairs.Try putting an article of yours something with your scent on it,an old shirt in fact anything that holds your scent in the crate with her to sleep on,the instant she begins to howl you will make a noise have an empty tin can with some stones or what ever in it that will startle her and she will stop howling and you will say either STOP or NO VERY FIRMLY, when she does stop tell her good girl that's important.This will take a while but she will soon catch on,but she will soon learn what behavior brings the best results which is not howling eventually when she will stop and get out of the habit of howling,you will need to have her in the same room as you as by the time you get out of bed and run down the stairs she would have stopped and she will not make the association with the noise and the verbal scolding with the behavior.Worth a try,best of luck

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    I had a puppy who used to howl when she was left on her own, we lived in a block of flats at the time and one of my neighbours complained.

    One afternoon I left her as usual, pretended to lock the door and sat on the stairs very quietly and within 2-3 minutes she started howling, I walked in tapped her on her rear and said NO! Bad girl!

    I then went back outside and we started the whole process again and each time she howled I tapped her and told her it was naughty.

    It took a couple of days but eventually she got the message and also she never quite knew if I'd be waiting for her outside the door just in case.

    Good Luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thought dogs only did that when they were really really sad... our neighbours have these two black labs that just howl away all day and night because they are left outside alone.

    When we first got our dog we gave her a blanket that smelt like us, and we left the radio on any time we weren't there just so she wouldn't feel so alone. Our dog never cried or anything, but she was a rescue and had done it a few times before, so I don't know what a puppy would be like.

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  • Anonymous
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    From my experience, all your puppy needs is to get comfortable. Your puppy is only howling because - she is uncofortable being all by herself at night.

    To begin, move the crate to your bedroom instead of in the lounge. At night she will see you and will become relaxed from your presence.

    See dogs are pack animals and they pick up on others moods, so if you say calm and re-assure him/her she will learn very quickly.

    At first he/she may still cry, but it will fade with some re-assurance.

    After she starts sleeping at night instead of crying or howling start moving the crate farther and farther away from your bedroom.

    Start with just outside your room, and very suttely move her back to the lounge. It takes time, but is the most effective technique.

    Trust me this technique had worked for me - i have done so with 4 dogs already.

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  • Anonymous
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    Set it on low to a talk station.

    Put it next to her crate. Might help.

    If she's still howling even if she is up in your bedroom with you, then she probably wants to really feel like someone is there and doesn't if you're sound asleep.

    My puppy (16 month old siberian husky) howls like crazy if I kick him out of my room at night.

    Source(s): owner of a psychotic 16 month old
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  • 3 years ago

    forget approximately approximately him and go away him able the place he's chuffed. prepare him the crate is a robust component and with any luck he would be chuffed in there. If he will not be able to verify then you definitely he knows he's on my own and it extremely is a time to sleep and which you will not come to him for making a noise the only project with protecting him with you is you're able to by no ability be waiting to quit that, or it easily is only not user-friendly. He has to check to sleep devoid of you. i don't understand what form of dogs it extremely is (the bigger the extra serious it relatively is going to likely be), yet he will improve and if he's dozing in or on your mattress he may well be in the way later on. He won't go with to be moved as quickly as he's used to it however and you're able to finally end up dealing with all this returned

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  • 4 years ago

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    At first, dog training can seem pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first dog. Truth be told, training your dog is a very big project. However, if you take it step by step, you will find the task to be far less daunting.

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  • Anonymous
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    since its a puppy its normal that its barking a lot. dont sleep down there with her, because it will only cause her to not stop barking. fill a bottle/can with coins and sneak down at night when she barks and shake it. it sounds mean, but it scares the dog and she will associate barking with bad things happening. trust me, dog trainers and vets told me to do this with my dog. if you just keep doing this, with a little bit of patience, your dog wont bark anymore

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