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Can you get food poisoning from cookies not thoroughly cooked?

if the top, outside, and bottom are all cooked, but the inside looks a little- a lot raw, can you get food poisoning from that? is it likely?

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    Send me all of your cookies. I will eat them and let you know. If the first testing is inconclusive I may ask you to make a second or even third batch.

    (yes, it is possible but unlikely, give one to your brother 1st)

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    Even Nestle maker of Nestle's Tollhouse Cookies says don't do it:

    "As a food company we take a very conservative approach to food handling and absolutely do NOT recommend consuming any raw product that is intended to be cooked. Just as the dough that is made and baked in your home could potentially have pathogens, so is the case with our refrigerated cookie dough. Although the egg that is used in our cookie dough is pasteurized and should not contain any pathogens, theoretically, other ingredients could. Please be assured that all reasonable precautions have been taken by our raw ingredient suppliers to insure that we receive only high quality ingredients for our products. "

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    it isn't likely, but there are raw eggs in the batter so you could get salmonella poisoning....but more likely would be you might get the scoots if you eat too much raw cookie dough

    the kind in ice cream is made to be eaten raw and they leave eggs out of the recipe

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    No you can't.

    But for the next time you might turn down the heat so they cook from the inside out with out burning the bottom and edges. And / or check your oven temperature so all your food cooks right sounds like your oven is running hotter than it says it is.

    PS - Don't let people scare you they are not completely raw - they have been cooked some.

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    No. It is almost impossible to get food poisoning from undercooked cookies. Unless the eggs had salmonella or something like that.

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    Just nuke em up in the microwave and they will be good as new. A microwave can take care of anything. If anything it will just add some flavor and you shouldn't ever be afraid of a little flavor!! Do be sure to stand away from the microwave when nuking the cookie though. I have heard it can be bad to stand right next to them and watch them while you are using them.

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    No, it's not very likely at all. People eat cookie dough raw all the time without getting sick. And what about steaks? People eat steak that is not fully cooked in the middle and they're fine.

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    Depends, if any of the ingredients were off they maybe, but it depends on how long you cooked them for, if the centre is hot but not cooked then your all good, if the outside is hot but the middle is cold i wouldnt eat them unless all the ingredients were fresh.

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    Not likely, but possible if there are raw eggs in the ingredients.

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