bb us fans what do you think jeff should do with the power.?

do you think he makes himself a target by using it ? who would you nominate

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If he does use the power it will be to take Russell or Jordan off. I have no idea who he would put up instead. Oh wait before I get started I have live feeds. Chima was talking and said if anyone used the power to fu** with her nominations she would run their a** down. She said she would go crazy on the live show if it was used. So that would be a hell yeah it would give Jeff a target on his back.


    Russell and Lydia are nominated. Kevin won PoV.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes he will

    I believe on Thursday show, the two people on the block to be voted out will be Jesse and Natalie

    Jeff told Jordan, if he every had the chance, he would put the two up

    Jeff can choice to replace no one

    Jeff can choice to replace one or both

    I think Jeff will replace Russell and Lydia with Jesse and Natalie

    No, because everyone except Chima, Natalie and Jesse know the three of them needs to be broken up

    He would be taking Lydia off, Kevin most likely will not use the POV

    He would be taking off Russell

    In the end of the day, they both will own him

    He would of broke up the three in control of the house

    He would be doing a favor for Michele, Kevin and Jordan

    This needs to be done

    He is already a target for Chima and Natalie/Jesse, so I do not think the others would use that against him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know if he will use it. If Jessie or Natalie were to wind up on the block in place of one that Chima already put up, I don't think he would.

    I was thinking about the stuff that's been going on in the house and some questions I have been answering here. If I was Jeff, I think I would make sure Natalie is up, and not Jessie. Out of the two, I would rather Natalie go first. Even though she's not really doing much, she would attack like a pit bull and might be able to convince everyone that Jeff needs to go. She told everyone she was 18 for a reason. It's starting to work out in her favor, really well.

  • 1 decade ago

    He will put a big target on his back. I wish that he could put Jesse and Natalie up and one of them would get voted out. I want one of them gone. Jeff needs to work with Russel, Jordan and Michelle.

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