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how does a laptop cooling pad without a fan cool your laptop?

i was buying a laptop cooling pad for my laptop and i saw one with a fan and one without the belkin was 25 bucks and the one without a fan was the same price.i was like how is that i was wondering how does a laptop cooling pad with no fan cool a laptop.i mean my computer get really hot from the upper left top corner and it goes down from there.also i would like to know if i made a right descion for buying a belkin laptop cooling for 25 bucks i think its a bit expensive.i just notice i saw like 10 and 15 dollar ones.should i return it?

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    The Cooling pad without fan simply works as a heat sync.

    It absorbs the heat from the laptop fan to make your laptop cooler (I doubt their functioning personally.

    Good decision to get the one with Fan.

    Good Luck.


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    Laptop Cooling Pad Without Fan

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    Well without the Fan it is just relieing on on heat exchange trough materials on a hot day it will do nothing I just bought one on ebay from Hong Kong for $11 Australian delivered with 3 Fans USB powered, it has 3 small fans in a see trough case it works very well .

    Have a look at it the company I got it from is called they have card readers and converters for $1 which cost in the shops here $20 to $30 I tested many they all work.Example a bluetooth for $2 works great with my Nokia Phone.

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    it absorbs the heat, and then it dissipates it. sounds like a gimmick to get people to buy.

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