what are some ways society abuse people (emotionaly or physicaly)with mental disabilities?

i have to write an essay about the books "of mice and men"and "flowers for algernon".the essay has to be about the freedom lannie and charlie have that are not controled by anyone else. i have to use examples of what they did by themselves .thanks for you help

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    neglect and indifference turning them into villains and morally bankrupt individuals .

    barring them from joining the broader community by throwing them in workshops or communal homes and neglect their need to be educate in the ways of independents.

    locked up in institutions and correctional facilities for long stretches of time on trumped up charges unfairly.

    bunch them together with all the villains such as the insane, thieves, vagabond and all those other undesirables.

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    I don't know where you live but maybe tomorrow you could check through your local telephone directory for Disability Rights organizations or services for the disabled. Give one or two a call.

    I served as a lay Disability Rights Advocate in central Illinois, USA from 1990 to 2003 and found that most disability counselors and caseworkers absolutely LOVE to help educate anyone who wants to learn. I am sure you can find one or two that would be overjoyed to help with your essay research.

    Oh, my suggestion above is only in case you don't get enough from your replys here. Best of luck on the project! :)

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    Those people should be jailed myn!!

    who abuse disabled people

    > <



    some ways are:

    normal people .make up a gang and all together bully the disabilities

    in both ways emotionally and physically

    rape>>may be


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    You could volunteer to work a couple hours at shelter or some place similar.That way you could get a first hand experience. Maybe you will help someone out.

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