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Please help me.. I want to die?

All through my life I have taken peoples bull crap.. lots of people constantly reminded me of how ugly I was in grade 7. Like, every day. Guys asked me out, and I got my hopes up, only to find out it was an effing joke. Now I'm fat too. Do you not think being 5'6'' and 190 pounds is fat? Yes.

I am ugly. I don't deserve the guy who likes me right now. Fat people don't deserve the things normal sized people do. I can't be beautiful. I can't be sexy. Guys can never be attracted to me.

I'm a pants size 12/14.. its hard to find nice clothes for fat people like me. They make clothes small because thats the size I should be.

It's not like I haven't tried to lose weight. But my thyroid disease that I developed when I was 8 years old makes it very hard.

How can I ever be happy with the size I am, even though I'm obese. (And theres not much I can do about my face.)

BTW I'm 17, and my boyfriend is 22. I will never be able to satisfy him, because I'm too fat to have sex. I'll just look gross to him.

:) sorry for thhe story, and thanks if you answer xx

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    Hello its me again i answered ur other question b4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop saying ur fat. stop saying ur ugly. stop saying nobody likes you and stop saying lots of negative stuff about urself!!! if u were ugly then why do u have a bf???? he obviously likes you because you guys are going out =) and 190 is NOT fat!!! The number on a scale doesnt mean ****, it means nothing its a freaking number!!! u ARE beautiful, ur not ugly, and i bet theres lots of people that like you!! and ur bf is probably crazyyy bout uu because ur pretty and ur such a beautiful girl and ur personanlity is so sweet, but u gotta stop putting urself down!!! i cant stress it even more than what i am now to tell you that you ARE pretty you ARE NOTTTTTTT fat at all!!! 5'6 is pretty tall, so obviously ur gna weigh a lil more then someone only 5'1. And im really sorry about ur disease, but ur lucky because ur NOT fat!!!!! please dont get killing in ur head at all!!! i cant put it into words how amazing u are, and i dont even know you!!!! ur just an amazing person! please stop saying ur ugly and fat u realli arent and i have proof that ur not!!! u said ur ugly right??? well i think ur GORGEOUS and other people here as i see think so to. so being ugly is out of the question because you for a fact have me saying ur not ugly and others as well saying ur not ugly. also, ur NOT fat. i have proof for that to. i think ur not fat, and some of the people here as well think ur not fat, so thats also out of the question. ALSO, u have a bf, so he likes you because ur going out!!!!! PLEASE give urself some credit. I said ur NOT ugly and NOT fat, and others here agree as well to what im saying. 190 pounds?? thats not a lot. i know someone 210 pounds and shes GORGEOUS!! she really tall though, she 5'7 or 5'8, similar to ur height and she weighs more yet people think she perfect weight. you weigh LESS then her, so ur defffinetly not fat. and ur 17 u dnt need to have sex yet. trust me, u have a LONGGGGG life span left and u can have ALL the sex u want, but first finish school, get ur carreer going, and just enjoy. u are NOTTTTTTTTTT FATT i SWEARRRRRR TO GOD UR FINE THE WAY U ARE PLEASE GET THAT OUT OF UR HEAD OMG I CANT STRESS IT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is getting long but i dnt care if its 5000 pages long!!! Thats how much im trying to tell u that ur fine and people like u and ur not fat and not ugly. if i ever saw any asshole say ur fat i wuld go crazyy and probably go to jail for beating that skunk-bag up!! We all have flaws, for example, my teeth ate MESSED UP before i got braces. u cant imagine how weird and creepy they looked. also, my HAIR is like a huge bush!!! see?? everyone has somethin wrong with them, but ur flaws are deifnetly NOTTT BEING UGLY OR FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please im beging you, dont be so mean to urself, plese listen to me im only 13 dont say no to me lol seriously i want you to look in the mirror and look at what you LIKE about urself and try not to focus on flaws. i like ur hair. i like ur height. i like ur weight. i like ur skin. i like ur eyes. and i LOVEEE ur personality but u gotta stop putting urself down please??? add me as ur contacts ur one of mine =)

    email me if u want:

    ur gorgeous and i want u to believe that, because i believe that and many also believe that to. hope i helped you =) <333 ur PERFECT =D

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    The only advice I can give you, is something you will probably think is kind of dumb but god loves you and I truly believe he wants me to talk to you. I was never even close to being happy till I met him and had a personal relationship with him. Don't let this World break you down because it's full of jealous, confused and hurting people. Life stinks but it gets so much easier when you don't have control. Hold Your head up high when people say you're not beautiful it's hard but there is not much you can do. Love yourself, because no guy, or anything can ever complete you, only god can. I know your a special beautiful person, because he made you and died for you. And I know I sound like a cheesy commercial or whatever but I guess that's all I know, because I wanted to kill myself and now I'm the happiest I've ever been. My life still has some bad times but I always have someone to talk to someone I can count on, and someone who loves me so much. You have a life to live, go live it, don't give up now you've already put in 17 years.

    Source(s): The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing" (Zephaniah 3:17). If you have not been born again—that is, if you have not become a Christian—let me invite you to surrender yourself to him now, for "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13).
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    here's what some lady said on the internet to help with weight loss:

    As for weight loss, believe me, I commiserate! Losing weight can be tough with thyroid disease.

    First, I'd ask, what is your doctor's definition of "normal range." At my lab, the blood range is .5 to 5.5 TSH. But my endo, who has treated women for 15 years, says she's found anecodtally that most people do NOT feel well and can't lose weight unless TSH is between 1 and 2. So high normal range can impede weight loss and feeling well for some people.

    As for diet, what I've found is that it may be necessary to eat a different way that traditional low-fat. I can lose up to a pound a week eating a low-glycemic diet.

    this should help with your weight loss.

    with face, you can use the clean and clear bursting facial wash in an orange tube at walmart. thats what i use and it works GREAT! wear some makeup 2 if you think that would help.

    for people, ignore them. stand up high and have confidence. your can be a atrong independant woman and get throught things if you just find the good side of things. its not healthy to just think of the negative all the time. if people are gonna be so rude then forget them. you meet alot more and better people. trust me, youll be okay.

    hope you get through this!

    and your boyfriend is lucky so its okay.

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    Hi, Im 13 too! I know exactly what you're talking about! I was like that for at least 9 months and I still have slight feelings of sadness/depression, I still am very hyper and my brain is constantly buzzing, and I used to think about how regretfull everyone would be if I died and how sorry people would be and I think I know the answer to your problems and please don't get mad at me for saying this...I think you have ADD or ADHD. I have ADD and when I was diagnosed the docter said people (especially teens with a high load of stress...even silly, made up stress) have anxiaty which leads to sadness. The best way to deal with this is go to a psycholigist or a docter and ask them about it. They will help you a lot!!! I'm now happy, my mom and I have a better relationship, and my grades are a lot better! I can now talk to people about this because I know I'm not crazy and I know what's going on. I wish you the best of luck! I hope I helped! -Julia =)

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    I know it all seems meaningless right now. But it's because you're still growing, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Give yourself time to mature and to know yourself.

    First I would recommend breaking up with your current boyfriend. A) You need to love yourself before someone else. B) Older guys who are not in high school only want sex, and then leave. C) It seems like you have issues you should deal with- or rather work on other aspects of your life before a relationship.

    Set goals for yourself. For example losing weight. Finishing high school. etc. Second, you need to IGNORE people who are childish and can't mind their own business. You need to get your education because without it, you are no one.

    Do the things you love, or find something you enjoy doing. Like a hobby. Occupy yourself. Spend time with friends/family. And if you still feel depressed see a counselor. I wish you the best.


    Source(s): Experience.
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    whoa put the breaks on there. life is too much full of rich treasures to end it now. I doubt you are too fat to have sex, its almost impossible not too. what Im gettting at here is that you dont have to be so hard on yourself. everyone is different and you cant let others decide what size you should be or what you look like. judging from your photo, youre not ugly. i dont think anyone is really ugly. obviously someone is attracted to you, you have a bf. how do you know you wont satisfy him if you dont try? bottom line, you cant listen to what others say or think. you are the most important person to you. dont let others bring you down.

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    keep holdin on because u no what in a few years you might be the most beautiful girl in the intire universe and im not kidding cause this girl waznt the pretteist girl or skinnest in the world but she tried losing weight and she did! and then when she was older she was soooooo pretty everyone liked her so wait your still a tadpole but you will soon be a beautiful frog

    AND ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO COMMIT SUICIDE oh and your weight is perfect for your height oh and a great way to lose weight with your disease is swimming its the best way to lose weight i lost 6 Ibs in 1 week

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    i m size 6/8 do u think that makes difference?guys who wanna fu ck u will really care for ur appearance but THE GUY who will love u wont give a damn about the way u look and listen to me NO GIRL IS UGLY i bet u r beautiful and if ur bf loves u he wont give a damn about how fat or thin u r doesnt matter how hot u look and excuse me to say it BUT NO GUY WILL GET SERIOUSLY A GIRL WHO LOOKS HOT AND HAS NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY SOUL..and i bet u got a good soul and u r better than many other cheap hotties

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    Try to loose weight. Since you already tried and it didn't work out, ask your doctor for a diet and weight plan and stick to it. Your doctor would know whats best for your medical condition so tell them that you wanna loose weight and tell them how much you wanna loose and dont forget to be patient. Loosing weight takes time and effort, but if your patient and you dont cheat on your diet, it will all pay off and you will have the body you've dreamed off. Don't give up so quickly. (:

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. Believe me, once you get to the weight/size you always wanted, you will not even feel like eating candy/chocolate, you will love your body that much.

    -Hope I helped, and please dont ever ever ever give up. Remember, you have only one life so live it healthy and strong :]

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    I can tell you right now 190 is not fat!!! And your 5'6 ur really tall! You need to stop believing your fat! Trust if you think your fat you havent seen fat! Lol! So cheer up! And I bet your boyfriend is totally in love with you!!!

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    godamn ur an idiot!

    ur unhappy because you dont look like every effing model on TV!

    u should be happy you have two legs and two arms and arent deformed.

    be satisfied with what God gave you.

    obviously ur not skinny as hell for a reason, most skinny b!tches are whores.

    i bet you have money and parents who love you!

    quit being a pessimistic *****.

    be grateful your even alive!

    Source(s): ur apearence isnt a disgrace. the things you say about your self are a disgrace. learn to look in the mirror and find the real beauty which isnt skin deep!
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