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my boyfriend has a swollen penis...?

my boyfriend has a swollen penis.

he says that its painful & hurts when he gets an erection. painful when he goes for a wee & hes said that hes had discharge & blood also come out of his willy.

whats wrong with him?


we've both been check about a 6 weeks ago for STD's before we became sexual.

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    get a doctor

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    I you guys had a long sexual interaction and or a little more intense than usual then this can be one reason why. I would not play with the family jewels and I would err in the side of caution and would hightail it to the doctors. He might just need a good icing and some benadryl. I have sent my hubby to the er many times with this malady.

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    It is an STD or while u gave him a hand job u hurt his penis and it became swollen. i would tell him to check out a doctor

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    it could be an std but you said you got checked. go to a doctor and if its not and std its just his own health problem. the dude from France which got beheaded in the french revolution experienced extreme pain when getting aroused.

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    Probably a simple infection but could be an STD. He needs to go to the doc and if it is an std then so do you

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  • Definatley go see a doctor!

    sounds painful:0

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    Better to be safe than sorry, he needs to go to his Dr. & be tested for STD's. If he's not circumsized, it could be infected skin folds, from not cleaning well. If he does have an STD, you need to be tested too. Good luck!

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    STD, Unhygienic or infection. Either way go to the doctor...

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    He needs to go to a doctor as soon as possible. Do not wait to see IF it goes away.

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