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How to convince my Mom to let me buy an Airsoft gun?

She hates guns.

3 years ago she let me buy a Desert Eagle, but it broke. Now I kinda want a new one, I seriously looking at a Glock 18c, but the law says that I have to have parent permission or be over 18 to buy the Airsoft gun.

I'm 16.

I really want this.

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    Airsoft is very touchy issue with many parents. You should make them aware that they are legal in most of the united states due to the safty percations enforced by the goverment. Many parents find that airsoft can be used as a great way to teach gun safty to minors before placeing a real gun into there hands! A person who is been around airsoft understand the operation of real firearms better and i my mind would be less likey to have a deady acceident with one.

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    Tell your mom that anything under the velocity of 350 fps won't break skin and you can always just be the queer in the battle with the vest but at least you will be able to airsoft just make sure that when you are talkin airsoft with your parents that you make it clear that proper protection comes before then gun using this plan will convince your mom and you will suceed and don't listen to those guys airsoft is a lot of fun and paintball will burn a hole in your wallet fast and its harder to find places to play paintball at. Good luck :-)

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    Ask for a gun that does not shoot very hard and would not do any real damage to anyone. Then promise that you will wear all of the safety equipment, including safety goggles and clothing that covers your whole body, so no skin is exposed. follow your promise if you get it, because if she caught you the gun would be taken away. My brother and his friends all have airsoft guns, and they never get hurt. assure your mom that you will only use it for fun, you will use it carefully.

    good luck!

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    Ok, This is for your Mom. Mom the airsoft guns shoot plastic BB's, In all honesty they are very safe. I'd let him have one. Target or inanimate object shooting only. Catch him firing at animals or humans, and take the frying pan to his ass. Out side in the back yard, they are really ok.

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    I love airsoft guns and to convince your mom just tell her that it doesnt hurt and that its better then a bb gun

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    If your Mom let you have one before, let her know your are ready for a new one. You do have to have parents permission to buy airsoft.

    Have her look on at all their gas pistols. They have really great prices.

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    Think about why your Mum might not want you to have a gun.


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