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Beckie asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Did my vet break the law? 20 characters..?

I took my 8yr old pitbull "Chloe" to the vet last week to check up on a cough and a weird mole on her shoulder. Dr. Otto (for the most part) was pretty nice and offered to lazer off the mole for 1/2 price because Chloe was so sweet to him. I happily agreed and waited in the lobby.

When he was done, we went back into the exam room and he listened to her lungs than said her cough was nothing to worry about -- "just a bull dog being a bulldog" whatever that meant.. but than opted for a steroid shot. I said "No thanks" because my neighbors dog died from one of those.. but he IGNORED ME AND STUCK HER ANYWAY. Than said "No worries, on the house" like I was worried about the money.. which I wasn't. Than he prescribed me a weeks worth of steroid PILLS on top of that.. but I had to pay for those (even tho I didn't WANT them).

I gave her 1 pill at the time he told me too, than a few hours later, my dog was panting really hard on the floor and wouldn't drink. Her gums turned paper white so we rushed her to the E-vet (emergency vet, open 24/7). He said it was because of the steroids and the vet should never have given them to her because of her age, and that "any intern would know that"

My question is.. did my vet (my OLD vet) break the law by going behind my back and giving her the shot, even after I clearly said NO? Is there anything I can do? I'm thinking about sueing him for the price of the Emergency Vet bill.

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    Last I heard, not many vets if any carry mal-practice insurance because, dogs are considered property by law, not humans or children, so there isn't much of a market for malpractice.

    Suing him would probably just waste your time and money.

    I suggest speaking to the vet, and see what you can work out.

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    Unless there was a tech in the room with you at the time who is willing to testify against her employer, it's going to be his word against yours. If the E-vet is willing to get involved, you might be able to get him to write up a deposition about why he believes the steroids directly impacted your dog's health and why he believes the other vet was in grave error when he admisnistered the drug. With this note in hand, as well as all the appropriate bills from both clinics, you could sue the other vet in small claims court. It doesnt matter if he has malpractice insurance or not because you arent going to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars anyway. At best, you should be reimbursed the cost of the E-vet visit. You cant get your money back for the laser treatment or for the old vet's exam fee, and he didnt charge you for the shot anyway. The only sticky part is whether or not he documented the steroid shot and can deny it since he didnt charge you for it. Speaking of, are you quite certain that he defintely DID give her steroids and not just some sort of antibiotics? Since she had a cough and had the laser treatment done, an antibiotic would definately have been warranted. A lot of vets have that "I know what's best" syndrome but, as far as I'm concerned, he's still a human. Yeah, he went to vet school but he could not possibly remember EVERYTING he learned. I had a falling-out with my vet because I KNEW what was wrong with my dog (which he agreed with) but we butted-heads on her treatment plan. I researched it extensively and, unlike him, I had a vested interest in getting it right. I ended up taking her to a specialist and, sure enough, my vet was wrong on all counts. I cant sue him for being an idiot. If you have proof that your vet gave the shot, and that it directly led to your dogs emergency illness, than I should think you would win in small claims court. Vets arent poor....he probably has enough money to reimburse you fully in his back pocket at any given time. Good luck.

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  • Pete F
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    I not sure, I'd say guessing yes. Even if not, its still malpractice & I'd sue him on principle for the E-vet cost the cost of the pills in the first place

    As the E-vet said "any intern would know that", so this guy shouldn't be prescribing anything to any dog. Have a word with the E-vet, he may be able to help you

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMFG!! I hope Chloe's alright now.

    That was just utterly irresponsible and unethical of your vet to do that.

    I'm guessing the steroids given were like the yearly vaccination shots which in my opinion are not all that necessary?? As you probably already know.

    I do not know whether he broke the law but i'm guessing yes you can sue because you clearly said no and he went ahead with it anyway.

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    Yes he broke the law big time. If your dog gets sick or anything ..I would call and ***** him out.. i would have done that anyway... but i am sure u already did.. sueing might not doing anything but wast time.abd more money. sorry to say =( But u never know maybe it will work out!

    I would wait it out and see what happens to ur baby... maybe he needed the shot because of the laser good luck

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  • Leigh
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    I've never heard of a 10 year old dog being too old for steroids. There are benefits to steroid use, and I am guessing from your description that the vet's prescription was accurate. You certainly wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court when you willingly bought the steroid shots...that's certainly consent to treat with steroids, in my opinion.

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